Sunday 9-16-18, conversation 12, Soul Wings

Yesterday, 9-15-18, my morning email of “Bowl of Saki” from the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan had the quote:
“Verily, independence and indifference are the two wings which enable the soul to fly.”
That has hit a nerve (or thorn*) or something. Indifference is a wing of the soul? And independence doesn’t seem important like Love, joy, or beauty. Tell me the lesson in this! Please.
Very direct, I like it! We’ll break this up to address each question. You know why indifference is bothersome to you …
Yes, from the very powerful vision I had years ago that brought my indifference to my attention as it was appearing in my relationship. Tell me the difference between being indifferent to others in our special relationships versus this reference.
This is about finding the middle place in beliefs or events happening with the collective or culture. Not to react because others are (reacting) or, that you are moving toward one side (such as politically) because of the feelings or words of another. You get lift in your wings from not taking sides.
And not getting caught in mudslinging.
Yes. It is a choice of staying in the light. Your behavior of being indifferent in your relationship was choosing death of the relationship. There must be flow for connection between independent souls for that 3rd energy to be present. (Energy of Us.)
… And independence?
It gives you lift when you choose yourself, who you are and your own feelings, beliefs, and best interest, over just following the collective for security and comfort. Being true to your self is the greatest lift.
Yes, I recognize that.
Don’t forget that your true self is Love, Joy, Beauty, Power, and Wisdom. Your Earth life just hides that. This quote is not taking away from that, it is just pointing out the tools that will have you rise back into who you truly are.
Lovely. Thank you so much for this conversation … much clarity.
Blessings onto you. Drop the worries about upcoming events planned as well as imagined. Be independent from and indifferent to all the craziness you observe. Look but don’t react or embody that ‘maya’.
LOL … the Buddha!  I think the 10,000 things have become the million – perhaps even trillion things in this time period.
I (We) agree. Much Love.

*I am thinking of the thorns we protect as Michael Singer describes in his fantastic book ‘The Untethered Soul’.

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