Sunday 7-22-18 conversation 11 – heart to heart

Conversation 11 with higher Self.
Happy Sunday and good morning.
Good morning.
Why do I feel trouble looming? I have to keep reminding myself that things are fine, easy, just a regular day.
Much is coming.
That brought up a twinge of fear.
Why fear? I didn’t say good or bad.
I think that is it (my issue) – fear of change. My comfort to myself is just saying, ‘it’s a normal Sunday’, Monday … whatever. I just want my alone time at home. Usually I want that for reading, learning lessons, or writing. Right now I feel I want to hide.
Let’s pray.
(I was quiet for a while to clear the low energy I was feeling.)
I have the thought now that I am feeling the feeling of something outside of me – the collective perhaps?
Yes, there is turmoil. It is not all negative there is much positive, growing light showing. It all swirls together as eddies in the flow. You can be affected by what is near or that which you pull toward you.
So I can choose to move the ‘down’ energy along (on its way).
Yes, just like being in a river where you can feel warm areas and cold – just move yourself into the area you prefer.
I still haven’t shaken it because I’m not looking forward to spending time with others. I’m acting more frustrated and impatient with the actions of others – more judgmental.
Heart not mind.
When will they get it? When will they wake up?
Imagine that they never wake up. What if that was not predicted? What if you were like Jesus or another master, alone in greater awareness, how then would you respond to those around you?
I would want them to know, “you are so blessed. You are Loved.” I’d go (back?) to teaching and guiding just to ease the burden.
It’s living in the NOW! Now they have the burden that needs to be eased. Now I can be compassionate and loving – offer balm for their psyche
You cannot offer advice when someone is in crisis, just support and caring.
I feel that my silence does none of that. It’s of the head – just waiting for the other to wake up and get it. My home is peaceful, my house is in order. (I feel they need to do the same for themselves.) All I feel I can do is to send prayers to others for MBO (most benevolent outcome).
The prayers are something. Like said before … move those eddies around.
What’s the next step for me? Please help! Help me to be in my heart. Help me with connections.
You think that you are blocking, disconnected with others. Your peace is attractive to them.
I must stop the negativity in my mind. I am sure that is felt (as we all grow in sensitivity).
Heart, heart, heart …
Help me to get there and stay there!
… OK, enough. Let’s move on. (realizing I need to settle myself.)
To what?
(I took more contemplative time.)
Now is good. This all comes down to my allowing my mind to be in the future. Now is good.
Yes. There is only Now.
I feel like I can make better progress with working on being in the Now then I can from being in my heart. It’s like my mind can’t understand the heart so it’s not a good option.
Mind must release control to the heart.
AHA! That’s what’s going on. It’s about control and the power I give to mind to make my way on this journey.
Heart centered will get you there … (It’s) another path.
Am I meant to go this way?
Your choice.
There are other ways?
I feel those other ways include the negative (service to Self).
… but also other ways. I am reminded of Sadhguru telling the parable of 4 yogis that represented the 4 paths of yoga: Karma yoga of the body, Jhana yoga of the intellect, Bhakti yoga of emotion and devotion, and Kriya yoga of inner energies.
(I recognize) Devotion is lacking in me currently.
Choose your diety.
Gaia (recent messages have brought me the realization I need to raise my feminine energy and grow in honoring of the Goddess.)
Love: send, build, grow Love.
We humans are all part of Gaia. I think I can build and hold Love for Gaia to then extend to her creatures.
Can you?
I don’t know but I think I have a direction to head.

Three new tools provided this day:
Release the expectations and predictions for the future. Connect with others in the NOW. Grow my devotion.
Big realization just hit me … this is what Jesus taught.
Love God with your whole heart, soul, and mind; and love your neighbor as yourself.
Crazy, awesome world that we live in. We get to play any which way we want but the framework, structure, is always the same for us to uncover. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

My power prayer.  (for transition)
I pray for this to go easy and that I be given the tools for it to go easy.
I pray the same for my family.
I pray the same for those who might be pushing against us.
I pray this for the world.

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