Sunday July 15 conversation 10 – the vulnerable approach

Conversation 10 with Higher Self

Happy Sunday World!  (I hear many warm responses.)

On the political arena I have been trying to find peace in the middle. Father Richard Rohr provided a reflection this morning that was intended to have us think about immigration and refugees. It made me think that there is good on both sides.
A wall maybe a good solution for now to manage undocumented refugees and limit criminal infiltration AND we should treat refugees with love compassion and acceptance.
It can all be good.
Why do I feel anxious/passionate (I’m not sure which) when I am in conversation about political things?
It seems you are anxious speaking on most things lately.
I am thinking about that …
I put a lot of importance on what I say these days or I choose to shut up. I feel like I should just be quiet but that thought also brings tears to my eyes.
What are the tears about?
I feel down now so that tells me that the thought of being quiet is not a correct choice.
I feel brighter already. LOL. How quickly the energy can change!
See… Notice these things of the New Age.
How do I get back in alignment with expressing myself especially when I know my own thoughts and beliefs are shifting?
Trying to find balance, the center, in this strong period of duality is difficult. It is a time of chaos as energies are swirling – small eddies of this side versus that side in close proximity to each other. The time of clear boundaries is over.
Make use of being vulnerable.
I want to come off as wise, like I know when I don’t know. I’m trying to figure this all out.
Just like everyone else.
Everyone else seems so firm on one side or the other. Hate is thrown around so easily these days – even by people I am close to.
It’s all good!
… like I said. LOL
You just need to seek to find it. So much turbulence.
Back to vulnerability … I need to express that I am not sure?
Be sure in seeking the good. Open with that. Tell others that is where you are coming from.
So I say that I’m still figuring this out but I know there is good on both sides. And then, discuss the good?
Yes. It’s all good because the people at large are trying to solve problems for others.
My mind keeps going to the bad. These things (fake news, organized crime, human trafficking) seem to be the things I want to use as proof of … one side versus the other.
Why do I keep falling into duality – even in my alone thoughts?
Ego. Your role is not to put your thoughts/beliefs onto others but to have them question themselves. The manipulation is strong due to propaganda. Do not be part of the manipulation. There is good on both sides – even if you can’t see it in the politicians and media. It is still there in the people.
How do we get the representatives of the People back to doing that?
That is what is happening with investigations, resignations. It will take time but they will go.
Meanwhile the People are not being heard by the people that represent them.
They must take notice of this for themselves. Speak how you feel not what you believe.
Yes. I know belief is fleeting.
So are feelings, so one is not more significant than the other. And speaking feelings forms connections with others. It gives the opportunity for them to speak of their feelings. Speaking of beliefs is like two rams butting heads.
Feelings are heart to heart while beliefs are head to head?
I can feel the significance of that!
(I took a moment to speak with my Angel/guides, Joshua and Amy, about giving me cues to notice and speak from my heart and feelings. I heard a YES!)
Thank you Source for this insight. Time to type this up.
Blessings to you Tricia. <3

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