Sunday 5-27-18 Conversation 7 – Honor the Other

Conversation 7 with higher Self about honoring others.
Sunday 5-27-18

I am feeling down the last couple of days. I don’t think I did a very good job with what we discussed last week. I overstepped with my supervisor, had to apologize and have felt bad since.
You were good with your subordinates so now there is something new to learn.
Yes, humility I suppose. I like to just blame my ego. I even ask ‘why isn’t gone or at least broken?’ Isn’t having it go away a step in the spiritual journey?
Not necessarily. It depends on whether that suits your vocation.
I want to be in that place of awe, Love and devotion (like the mystics), and, of course, a place of kindness. I’m still not getting it. I love this bold confident me. It is so nice after 40+ years of feeling unworthy. I get it – I honor me. How do I get to love and honoring others? How do I focus off me?
Look for God, Love, in others. Expand. Start to know that you and others are all part of the same One.
Do we really all share the same consciousness?
That feels like a ‘yes but’. (vague answer coming through.) I am having thoughts of women celebrities that are just caught up in material things, fashion, like in the movie “The Devil wears Prada”.  That’s not part of my active consciousness. So what I think is not what everyone/person thinks.
No. All are part of the Whole.
I sense this is like cells in the body. Cells in the heart, the brain, blood, bone, and skin; they all have different purpose so their focus is on different things. Yes?
Yes. You all focus on different parts of reality based on the choices you make for your journey. Even if everyone was on the correct path for their vocation all would still have a different focus, like cells of the body, so that the system is expansive and healthy.
I feel that my focus does influence the Whole consciousness, it is not in isolation.
Correct. Energy and vibration. Your focus on what you love brings up your vibration influencing those around you which can spread.
Like lifting my heart brings a flow of good energy to all parts of my body.
What happens when there is a big A-HA by one person, a scientist who has a great realization, like Einstein, or someone reaching enlightenment (or even light-body), does it jump up the Whole consciousness?
It opens the door to more potential for All. The Whole jumps up by a large portion of beings raising vibration.
(I sense there is more related to the galactic environment but it is unclear so I think I’m meant to leave it today.) (Yes)
I think we are off subject now, so let’s get back onto how I improve my relationships – or, at least stay consistent and upbeat.
Why! I know why: I can’t share what I know, what is important to me. I’m totally crazy wanting to fix others and knowing that is wrong; waiting for others to wake up. What if that is wrong and it’s all a joke.  There is just so much that has dis-connected me. (tears)
From Chaos comes change.
I asked for ease.
You still need to find your way through (and) not be stagnant.
Yes. I understand that and am happy that I am still progressing, still seeking. I have to remind myself what I am seeking. It is the return to God, Love, All That Is. So I have to get out of me! (Yes!) It is nice and homie and comfortable. There’s no one to disrupt my peace.
There is peace outside as well.
Really? I know in God there is but not in others. They all have their stuff: their perceptions and expectations that differ from mine.
A heart cell differs from a brain cell. Would you want it to not be that way?
Oh … I have so far to go.
This brings humility. Everyone contributes. You won’t be the same. Accept and honor that because all are necessary. Don’t just honor those who are less than you, need your help, because you can empathize with them for having been there. Also honor those above you and totally different from you. You don’t have to know or understand their role – honor the difference. As a heart cell do you really want the burden of caring what the brain cells are doing? That wouldn’t be easy!
LOL. So everyone who is different from me makes my life easier!
And, when the other has low energy, can’t see what I see, chooses to get caught up in the drama, can’t release pain … then what?
Lots of judging going on there. Honor them. _/\_
I am thinking of yogi’s who just bow, with prayer hands (to those troubled souls). That can be considered honoring but it could also be seen as patronizing/ condescending.
It’s how you hold it. Honor the other for where they are, who they are, what they bring and will bring by their own journey.
I want to get this. I ask to get this – let this stick. I feel I should try to practice seeing what is not me –“I’m not that.” But, this reminds me of a practice based on the name Yahweh. I am that, I am. This practice is seeing and saying that you’re part of everything so this seems opposite.
For you, now, look for the difference. Honor that which has a role in the Whole that you don’t have to control, understand, (or) be responsible for.
And yet this seems opposite to another lesson of Sadhguru of accepting responsibility for everything around you.
Your lesson is different.  Let the other be what it needs to be. Honor it for what it is. You know it is part of the Whole but it is not your place to judge or influence it. Let it be.
So I have a control issue.
Like everyone else.
I would like to release judgment.
Say it.
I release judgment by accepting others to be different and be their part of the Whole.
I accept and honor others for their part of the Whole.
The light in me honors the light in you.

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