Sunday 5-20-18 – Conversation 6, Mentorship

Saturday 5-19-18,  a conversation with higher Self about mentorship.
I had my performance review this week and it seems mentorship is the primary goal I have at work this upcoming year. This also seems to be my future role for my tribe in the new energy. Can we speak on that?
All will be mentors. All have gifts to share.
So I am not special?
All are special.
So what about all my preparations? The 2012 wake up? I seem ahead of the curve.
Yes, for you to go into the places you are needed. Others have gifts that will blossom after their shift. Gifts that need to grow with Mother Gaia’s energy, in that new environment.
Beautiful. I see the beautiful jungle/ garden; so much life as well as people growing and glowing. It makes sense that evolution for many should occur in that lovely post Event environment.
My heart feels some fear that things will change with so many un-aware of what is happening. So my purpose in this conversation now is to ask for tools for mentorship. If that is my upcoming role (3d to 5d), what should I know to do it really well, with Love, kindness, and compassion?
Love. Bring it to work. They are all lights like you. Release how things have been in the past and the roles you understand and expect. Your purpose is to share what you know – they will create what is new.
Kindness. How to stay there and not get frustrated?
You think you know how things are to be. You think your understanding and preparation is for your control – your creation alone. All are creators. You will pass the baton on for the New things to be created that are not of you or for you.
Understand this. Use this to come to a place of Being. That is your True goal. Being Now, Joyful.
Yes. I know and want that. There is so much to release. The example of my work (for instance), does it really matter to my true Self what happens at this office once I have left? No.
Now I am present. Now I should act with Love and kindness in my relationships and (in) assistance (to others). (There is) only Now. Tomorrow will be for others. Tomorrow I will be in another Now with another focus.
Please speak with me about compassion. I feel I use it as a ‘buzz’ word to elevate my ego self but don’t really comprehend it or express it to others.
Compassion. Wanting for others what you want for yourself. Allowing others their own growth, creations, seeking, as you want for yourself.
You do a good job with your children, to understand that they need to grow up, be adults, and move through their trials and tribulations. Mentoring others is the same. They need to create their own roles in the organization, you just provide the tools. No more of ‘the way we always did it!’
I always hated that when it was said to me.
Old paradigm. Just think of everything that is coming as new.
New world. New Earth.
Say it. People will cringe but eventually it will take hold and they will see it too.
I don’t know how people don’t see it with the young adults and children. There is nothing the same.
Some hold negativity against the youth. They are different. Some things are problems but only they can form the new solutions.
Wow! Great! That touched my heart.
I’m getting it. We cannot use our solutions. We haven’t lived their problems or experienced them.
Solution will be of a higher level (as Einstein said) but also can come from those who understand from experience.
This makes me think of the school shootings. The solution may be able to come from those communities but there also seems to be so much evidence around some locations of (there having been) manipulation of events.
Yes. All must be revealed, and is coming, so that the true issues can be evaluated and resolved.
Healing is local.
Is that so? Please explain with an analogy related to the body. If I have a wound is it not my immune system that is sent to the aid?
No. It is the local microbes that act (first).
We have to stop expecting a top down resolution. Earlier I saw a Senator complaining that the President wasn’t taking action to solve the school shooting issues and I thought, what about the Governor, the Mayor, a local solution? Why is it the role of one high up person to solve every issue? Why are we always looking for the savior – Messiah?
Past paradigm programming. Time to release.

This has been the failure of humanity when it has come to interactions with Galactics, correct?
Yes, making of Gods. Giving away responsibility for self.
Sovereignty,  I think I understand better. We’re responsible for that which is near to us – make that well and healing will spread from the small to the whole. It can’t be top down. The top doesn’t know and is not responsible to control the whole because All are One and All are Sovereign. Have I got it?
You’ve got it!
So God can’t save me?
From what? You are saved. You are a state of Being Bliss.
… this craziness.
It’s your creation. Make of it what you wish.
I will make it lovely.
Did I get my answers for mentorship?
I think so. Reflect on this.

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