Sunday 5-13-18 – Conversation 5, Gaia

Sunday May 13, 2018, Conversation with Higher Self
Happy Mothers Day!
And to you.
I thought on this day to connect with Mother Earth, Gaia, for a conversation.
Very good.
So much to know, so much to ask. How are you doing?
Fine. Do not suppose fear. Things are improving. Healing.
Are there really clean up efforts underway as channelings from Galactics indicate?
Unnecessary – all will be new.
I think I understand from what I have learned of sacred geometry (resource: David Wilcock, Wisdom Teachings on Gaia TV) that you are speaking of a phase shift – a change in vibration that will alter the energetic pattern of Earth’s magnetic field, bringing the reality up in dimension/state (like electron shells of the atom).
Yes, close to correct.

I read an article yesterday on the website ‘Stillness in the Storm’ about a 7 sided geometric solid (heptahedron) that mimics the shape of our human heart and when rotated mimics the energy, shape, and blood flow of the heart. (Article by Kathy Williams about the work of Frank Chester). This energy flow was then related to the magnetic field of the Earth (evidenced by the patterns of the aurora borealis) and found to be the same (just inverted). So Mother, if your core geometry is changing, will ours as well?
We are going from 7 sided to?
Seven seems very odd as not a platonic solid?
Is this unique in the cosmos?
Is this why we are told we are of such interest  in (us) humans and why you are so special?
Please tell me more.
As you have learned it was a place of great beauty and life, a vacation spot and much loved. That generation (Atlantis), that was highly evolved and very gifted in the ways of spirit and energy, took their experimentations too far and lost connection with their hearts. (Resource: Delores Cannon, Convoluted Universe)
(Their hearts were at) eight sided energy – octahedron?
I sense great balance when thinking of that shape within me.
Yes, balance will return to all on Earth.
Please go on with your story …
As you mentioned a change of state was to occur that would have dropped my being to a place below where life could be sustained. The love of the Galactic neighbors and the Angels arrived to limit the damage. The Angels halted the damage by devising the seventh geometry. We fell not too far, (we) remain in the higher third dimension(density). This (course of action) giving the opportunity to heal and rise again.
What about what is taught about this being a free will planet and the experiencing of the negative being of benefit to the whole?
Yes, this probability by the humans helped the Angels in taking the direction to the solution that they chose.
So does it really fall on humanity whether we could destroy this place or not?
Third density, where human consciousness is now, could be destroyed. We all exist at many levels. My higher Self is well and stable now and has a growing human population of those ascended.
It sounds like we are going to make it.
Not all.
Will third density Earth make it?
Unknown now but it appears the next cycle will begin. Future third density humans will determine the outcome.
Will you be OK?
(There is the possibility of) just dying on one level (physical), as all must do.
I know from my past conversations that ‘me and mine’ will be OK and travel up. Is there anything I can do for third density You and humanity?
Prayer. Acceptance. Love. No judgments. As was said, exploration of the negative still benefits All – knowledge, understanding, forgiveness, greater Love is gained.  Be the light – this will help others to see another possibility.
Thank you so much for this sharing. Happy Mother’s day with much LOVE!
Love to you and to All.

Side thoughts

~ Be still, and know, I am God.
~ Trust + Believe + One (an Essene lesson given by Gregg Braden, film “Beyond Zero Point”)
Conversation 5 – 5 means change in numerology. Seems fitting.

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