Sunday 5-6-18 – Conversation 4 – New Earth

Sunday May 6, 2018 conversation.
Before I start I want to write about a few experiences that I made reference to during this conversation. On April 16th I watched a video on YouTube by Allison Coe and Candice that was a directed QHHT past life meditation. I had an experience of a past life as well as Allison took me forward in this life. I saw myself with Peter in a ‘New Earth’ environment. Here is what I wrote down:
“We traveled to the future. Peter and I were in a future city. The ground and lower areas were green and lush with tall silver buildings rising in the air. Silver egg shaped cars flew over our heads in elevated highway lanes. I jumped up and down dancing with Peter and saying, “we made it!” When asked where we were (in the meditation guidance) I just came up with ‘New City’. The importance of the day was that it was my first meeting on an important committee (government). Peter was going to wait and watch me. I felt joyful.”
I also want to mention viewing an Allison Coe YouTube video that she posted on 5-5-18 giving an update on the things her QHHT clients are reporting about the New Earth and their future live experiences. They both spoke of a large wave of illuminated energy moving across the land and effecting people in moving toward greater consciousness. The clients also spoke of being the leaders of their groups/families to take in the energy and help those around them. In their future lives one was a lightworker that brought the energy in for Gaia as well as the people, plants, and animals in their region.
So, here is my Sunday conversation with my higher Self:
Today I am feeling excited about the video from Allison and the update she gave from her QHHT clients about the Event as well as their future lives. Will my experience of the Event be like she describes?
Perhaps. It is what she is manifesting.
Can I manifest that as well – join with her?
It might not be best for your tribe.
(Allison told of 2 client sessions where on the New Earth they were living in lush jungles in tree houses. I thought of my future life vision of being in a tall New City. I was there to serve on a government committee. I understood that we can manifest many scenarios for ourselves and our tribe/group that we serve.)
What if I want to live in the forest in a tree house?
You can if you want.
I now feel that I don’t want that. Visions of England, beautiful vista’s overlooking hills down to the sea come to mind. I always liked the idea of a small stone house on a hill near a rocky coast like we saw in Cornwall.
Easy to travel to the city. I thought.
New City.
I was corrected. LOL
And what of the crystalline body Allison spoke of – breathing in deeply the energy wave of the Event and feeling immediate transformation? (One of Allison’s clients breathed is the energy wave and felt her cells become crystalline.)
Yes. It’s happening now. Day by Day. Acknowledge it. Feel it.
Loving it!
There is great Love!
What is my role?
Take care of family to get them settled in, and then move onto your work.
Will it be easy to share the information? (I am referring to all I have learned of our realitiy, science, history, consciousness, being, Self, Life, ALL …)
You just need to direct them on where to find it.
Will I be a comforter?
By your behavior you will soothe. All is well. Be IT. Show IT.
How will I find my work?
It will find you. We will come.
Friends. Loved ones.
I would like an invitation (to the work) over being uncomfortable feeling like I have to interject myself into government operations or pushing myself into committees.
All will be new. Many will be needed. Many will still be healing and learning.
‘First wave’?
Yes – prepared to be up and running quickly.
So I should be ready to work right away and then have my fun later?
Make it all fun – but yes.
In my regression Peter was there with me on my first day. Will he also be ‘first wave’ meaning quickly adjusted?
Yes, but more so that twin flames/partner’s connection is strong in giving support to each other. He will find his way initially through support of you.
So I will need to reciprocate? (I don’t want to miss my fun part.)
It will be easy.
I want fun too!
Remember your fun is not others fun. (Clarifying that I don’t need jungles and tree houses.)
I sense dancing and joy.
Did you not have that in the travel to the ‘New City’?
Thank you. I feel good.
Why do I wake each day feeling a burden and then remind myself of the day ahead being easy? Why don’t I just wake up greeting the day?
The nights have been hard. Much learning.
This is related to my difficulty with waking up?
Yes, much going on.
Can you tell me what I am doing/learning?
On ship. Training for leadership.
Will I remember this?
Yes. Soon.
Will I know it all at the Event.
This is the Event. You want easy.
I also want something to wake up others – something has to occur to get questions and seeking happening.
You think the Event will do it?
Won’t it? Is this just something that others like myself (those wanting awakened loved ones) are conjuring up?
How will we all get there?
So if I get there, become this bright, loving, wise, leader, woman then those around me will ascend due to the connection?
Yes, it’s possible. Love holds all power.
Yet, I am taught by you guys (Kryon for example) to take care of me, love me, connect to Self, without focus on others.
Still, (I understand that) this scenario puts the service to others on me.
Wonderful isn’t it. All is connected: fractal, network, as leaves on a tree.
(If I were a leaf on the tree) by my connection with the Sun I can feed and support the whole branch.
So now they will wake up …
 by your actions.
It seems like the Event gives them more of an opportunity of choosing (having free choice) at a specific point in time.
Your party (tribe) has all chosen. They just need energy and light to awaken.
Love it!
So will there be an Event for us?
But (we’re) good either way I suppose?
I feel I should start typing this up on my computer.
–        Go on, with Love.

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