Sunday 4-8-18 – Conversation 3 – Questions

Happy Sunday!
Here is my Sunday morning conversation!
Hello. I’m here.
Good morning.
Happy Sunday! (Said in unison.)
Where am I going? What am I doing?
What do you actually want to know?
Am I ok?
Of course.
Why the doubts today?
Energy … expectations.
Why do I doubt? Yesterday felt so good with many confirmations of changes occurring in the world as well as my own experiential evidence of moving up in energy. I know I have changed, made it past another milestone, and yet today feels like a struggle to have this conversation happen.
I am always here.
Is it not beneficial for me, and for sharing with others, to try to make Sunday sacred by having this as my new ritual?
It is good.
So why not easy?
You are feeling divided like this time is taking you away from others. Is there something more important right now?
No. I think everyone is fine. I still can’t help feeling like someone is waiting on me for something … emails to send or conversations to have.
You are having one now.
Yes! Lol
So let’s get on with it!
I don’t feel I am doing things right. I’m still not talking to others about the change.
You can’t force it. Be ready when opportunity arises.
But, others are online talking about it, sharing info, helping others who are feeling the effects of the energy changes.
You are choosing to go to them for your information (as in it is my personal choice to seek out info). Also, you don’t know if they have to hold back (their information) from their own family.
I am concerned for others.
They have their own guides. You’re being trained (as an example of the teaching happening as well as being prepared to help when needed). They will get the help they need.
I seems ‘The Event’ is not going to be an energy in-flow that hits everyone at the same time but more each person in their own time.
What is my role? (I knew to look up on my bulletin board over my desk. A post-it says, default purpose – ‘to grow and to give’.)  Perhaps this is the issue. I recognize all the growing. I find ‘my people’ on YouTube and in channelings from the Ascended Masters and can identify with everything that is being said about our state of ascending. I just don’t see any giving happening on my part.
(In a dream this week I was given some guidance on giving to an organization. I got a push to get up for a short while to take care of this.)
Did it.
It’s on its way. Thank you.
Why does it feel like embarrassment to me to give, to involve myself unexpectedly with others? I feel like I need an invite to participate – even when it is in the form of giving.
Past hurts, past shame. Those things you put on yourself because of embarrassment, misunderstandings. No one did that to you but yourself.
I gave and was rejected – then burdened myself with shame.
Yes. Do you really think the other person held onto the energy of that moment?
I also feel like extending myself to help others, either personally or (impersonally) just by sending donations to a new charity will form a connection that will become burdensome.
So which is it, to give or not? Your choice.
Am I not supposed to give?
It is a choice. Everything is your choice.
(Honestly) I want my striving, seeking, learning, growth, example of being, to be a gift to all. I don’t want to be down in the trenches feeding the poor and healing the sick. I am not centered when I am around others. I get frustrated when others don’t understand my (input given from a) higher  perspective and (frustrated with myself) when I drop down (in energy) I am back in my ego judging and being competitive.
You’re not ready yet.
Do I get a reprieve?
Keep learning. Keep growing. Yes, being an example is a benefit to all. Staying centered (is very important as it) benefits all by aiding the collective consciousness.
What about the energy healing path I am moving forward with learning?
A good tool to have. And, if it benefits you it benefits all.
So I can be at ease.
It should be easy.
Will there be a jubilee?
Yes but it maybe personal within yourself.
I feel sad that we won’t all get there together.
The angels rejoice for you all each day. I cannot tell you that it will happen for everyone. Everyone makes their own choice.
All return to Source?
Yes, at some point. Be the change you want to see in the world. Rejoice! Be jubilant! Rise up!
I want them to know my journey so they can know they too can do it.
Keep writing.
She/Lord. Make me an instrument of your peace.


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