Sunday 4-1-18 – Conversation 2 Easter Feast

Happy Easter!
Here is my morning conversation on this day of Glory!
Dear She/Lord, blessings and honor to you this glorious day.
And so to you. What to speak of?
I want to rejoice in resurrection power this day.
So do it!
LOL! I suppose I am looking for help – some great A-ha’s to come my way.
… tears are coming (feelings spreading from my heart) and yet there is no ‘knowing’.
Feel …
Within …
I sat still, feet grounded, spine straight, focus at my heart. I couldn’t help but to ask (as I needed something in my mind), what is there to know?
There is nothing to know.
This is not going to make for much of a posted conversation.
This is about you. For you.
Elaborate – explain.
To be, just be. With us. In it.
I sat in meditation, trying to go deep. A request came from within me and said, “feed me.” I felt a light enter my mouth, move down my throat to my heart. After a few moments my mind asked, what is it? What do I do with it? Shouldn’t it do something?
The answer came as a knowing that it is something that needs to set, a bud; it needs time to bloom.
Happy Spring.
Happy Easter.
Blessings of resurrection power to everyone.

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