Sunday 3-25-18 – A conversation

Sunday March 25, 2018
Happy Sunday! I thought I would try some spontaneous writing this morning. Here is what occurred in conversation with my higher Self.
Thank you She/Lord for my eyes feeling better today. I just realized that I am having a wonderful learning experience of Yeshua and this is the start of Holy Week! Thank you! Fun!
Is there something I should know about?
Yes, you are loved. What is best right now is to be in your heart.
Drop the old methods and means of others.
Even thought they were fun?
They are always with you.
How? (How best to go into my heart?)
Feel. Breathe. Rooted.
Like Kryon meditations?
Should I be concerned with chakras? (wondering about methods of opening each chakra)
Flow top to bottom.
Merkaba? (wondering about methods of building and spinning my merkaba)
Too much.
Am I to learn healing?
Yes, ‘healing touch’ over Reiki.
Is there a difference?
More Love.
Thank you for the info on Yeshua’s healings. (Related to currently reading of Delores Cannon’s books on Jesus.)
Blessed. A gift.
What is the ringing? (ringing in my ears for several years now)
Sound. Love.
Should I be disturbed by it?
Does it mean something?
Closer to what?
Why is it loudest on Friday night after some wine?
How are you feeling? Good? Connected to others? Guard down?
Drunk. Am I to be drunk all of the time?
No. Relaxed. Guard down.
Am I really supposed to say all I know? All that I want to say? (Regarding all that I hold back from sharing with others about our evolving, awakening, and ascension.)
But …
You’ll be crazy. You’ll be free-er.
And planting seeds for others to investigate?
It’s not my place to influence their journey.
Influence OK, not controlling. It gives them a place to start looking OR, supports their own concerns about craziness in that someone else has the thoughts/feelings that they have.
I am afraid.
You wanted the knowledge and it is provided. You said you want to serve. To hold the knowledge will cause harm to your body.
Will it – will I be oK?
It will flow easy. You’ll see it manifest wonderfully. You don’t know what you don’t know.
The solution is greater than the problem.
I’ll try.
Don’t try, do. Or as Yoda said “Try not – do!”
Amen. Thank you.
Blessings to you.

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