Vision – Kiss from the Sun


As I went into meditation today I had the thought to think of myself as a neuron in the mind/brain of Source. I hoped this might be a way to connect to my higher Self.
In the meditation I imagined myself going up the tendril to the center to the neuron cell. Nothing much happened.
I asked “Is this the Self?”
Still nothing happened. I knew I didn’t want to force the experience or have it be orchestrated by my personal self. I relaxed to allow things to just happen.
Once I relaxed I felt a flow take up a tendril where I joined a bigger flow. I thought of the branches of a tree, branched joining leading to the main trunk. When I reached the trunk I headed upward and out through the canopy as a water vapor molecule.
The Sun shone on me and I evaporated into something more elemental. I floated outside the atmosphere and expanded outward for a moment but found myself returning to the Sun. I went in.
Once inside I felt tickled all over like a child being played with and teased by the parent. I felt happy and at home but I knew I needed to return to the Earth. He gave me a big kiss on the cheek and started to move me out on the solar wind.
I said, “Wait! I don’t want to go back to the suffering.”
He said to me that it was the time of the Golden Age – things would be better.
I started to move out again but thought of another question so I stopped. I bowed and asked, “What is my purpose?”
He laughed at my bowing.
He said my purpose was the same as his. “To shine the light!”
I understood so much: Shine … unconditional love. (Like the Sun loves the Earth.)
And … I knew I would always remember as he is in the sky as my example and friend.
Dearest Logos

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