Sunday 6-11-17 Divine Electric Universe

Happy Sunday!
Earlier in the week I was watching Youtube and this younger person I have been watching for an alternative perspective on the news mentioned a film on Gaia about the electric Universe model. I had learned something of this model back when I was learning from Drunvalo. I watched the recommended film “Solar Revolution” on Gaia but quite frankly was not overly impressed with it. The films I had watched a few years ago on Youtube about the electric universe model that correlated the behavior of plasma fields in the laboratory with the observed behavior of galaxies was more convincing to me. But, this along with David Wilcock’s explanation of a Universal model on ‘Wisdom Teachings’ brought some interesting revelations to me.
As I thought of the Sun as an electric plasma orb the model felt scientific – without sacredness. I thought about David Wilcock’s solution to gravity, that it is the felt force of the torsion fields formed in the ether.
So why are things flowing in the ether?
The Source! This is the answer that came to mind followed my recalling something said in Dr. Michael Newton’s book ‘Journey of Souls’. This book is the transcripts of Dr. Newton’s working with hypnotized patients and his questions to them as they recall their experiences between lives. When he asked about what they learned in the ‘in between-afterlife’ a few patients spoke of learning to create matter into small planets with goal of learning to make stars.
I also thought of in the ‘Law of One’ series how it spoke of each Sun being a logos – word of God, thought of God.
The Sun is a focal point of the divine!
The attention of Source is on the spot in space, or should I say, giving love and attention to manifest matter. The energy of All That Is is drawn to God’s attention, focal point, ergo the bursting forth of a star at the point of God/Source’s love and attention.
I got more that morning while putting on my shoes to leave for work. I asked if this is what prayer is – our attention on one another forming vortexes or filaments between us. I heard a resounding “YES”. I spontaneously laughed and lifted my prayer hands up to ALL!
In early spring I wrote about learning to balance the personal God with the impersonal God as my awareness expands. My gratitude to All That Is swells my heart as I see how lessons such as this brings balance and a response to my desire to return to a place of devotion.
Thank you, thank you.

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