Sunday 4-9-17 Who is God?

Happy Sunday!
Well I am grateful for my last posting as just rambling some new ideas about the vastness of the impersonal God allowed me to release it and get comfortable again my personal God.
Who is it these days?
It could be Gaia, our mother Earth. I could be father Sun (due to his awesomeness at this time). Sometimes it might be angel Michael or just the connection to my Source through my heart. But, mostly it is Jesus especially when I am sending prayers to someone because, I know that connection works!
As the method of just journaling on the Sunday a few weeks back worked to help me spiritually as well as made me feel better to be writing and posting I am going to try it again.
Personal God. Beloved.
I just read my blog post from my last birthday weekend (link), it was so full of gratitude. A reminder making now my heart feels quite large with the gratitude I feel for coming through another intense journey along my spiritual path. It is wonderful to lump this on top of the great gratitude I was feeling last autumn for the things I had experienced then.
I was up late last night and put on a couple of Kryon channels to listen to just to feel uplifted before going to bed. One was titled ‘who is God’. Kyron pointed out that he asked ‘who’ and not ‘what’. That was my takeaway from this lesson – even Kyron is bringing attention to our personal God.
Kyron went on to ask what our relationship is?  He referred to all the difficulties we create due to our perception of God as having human qualities – things like having to prove ourselves worthy or having to suffer in this life. He asked us to think of what our answer would be to our six year old child if they asked “Do you really love me?”
Would we send them away to struggle to gain our love?
No, we would use all of our being to show how much we love them: hugs, words of endearment, kisses, and heart-light. Kyron says God loves us 1000 times that.
So when I am stumbling over the idea of a personal God it is just my own beliefs that are the obstacles.
God Loves ME!
God is in me and in all of us! The personal us is a piece, an aspect, of the All that is God.
Personal and impersonal.
Is it just me that puts the limits on and keeps the parts of the ALL impersonal to me?
As my awareness expands in the physical, going from seeing the sacred in local nature, to Earth, to Sun, to central Sun of the Galaxy, I am making what was impersonal into a part of me by expanding my Love and devotion.
I am also looking at this another way. I have this small book called “the Impersonal Life” by my bedside. It was endearing to me for many months so I kept re-reading it but lately I have not wanted to touch it. It speaks about our letting go of our personal life to embrace the impersonal of God.
“Be still and know I am, God”.
Is it a balancing act?
… taking more of what is part of All That Is into myself and making it intimate and personal while also releasing the small personal things we hold as important to allow room for the ALL to influence and guide the direction of this blessed life.
Wow! I think I need to sit with that for a while.

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