Sunday 3-26-17 Where is this going?

“I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.” ~ Louise Hay
Happy Sunday!
I want to write but lately can’t seem to put it together. There was an attempt 2 weeks ago to write about the Old Hag and the hero’s journey again but I couldn’t keep my attention on developing the thoughts that were hanging out on the fringes of my mind.
Again today there was some motivation due to a few thoughts that moved me this past Friday morning while in meditation. I jotted down a few notes with the hope of reflecting this Sunday to recapture the feeling and develop the understanding into more. The flow doesn’t seem to be happening the way I expected.
I have decided to just write this day as a journal entry instead of developing and elaborating on a theme.

Where am I at?
I have been in my head for the last few months. My mind has been blown wide opens by listening to and mostly believing the information being delivered into the human consciousness by David Wilcock. I binged through February on Cosmic Disclosure and have been viewing Wisdom Teaching regularly this month. My view of life, the Universe, good and bad, and what is sacred has altered (and expanded).
I find it difficult to get out of my head by using devotion as the tool to enter my heart as I have been able to do in the past. To say “my Lord” within myself does not have the same feeling as my understanding has grown. I now comprehend the beings (gods with a small ‘g’) we have honored and prostrated ourselves before are just higher density beings a step or two ahead of us on the path. I read channelings daily from higher Source, masters, angels, Saints, and they all say that we shouldn’t raise them up or lower ourselves. When we see them again we should not bow down but greet them with a hug like family or friends.
I know devotion is important, at least to me it is; it provides focus and a means for me to expand my heart. These days I feel most comfortable sending devotion to mother Earth and father Sun. On the good side this is due to a sense of honor, sacredness, and gratitude I feel but there is also some fear attached. These great cosmic beings are the source of my physical life so there is fear that I may end up just too much a nuisance for them to want to maintain any longer – in an instant my physical existence could be eliminate by a simple choice.
Obviously, I am still greatly identified with this physical self. There has been more fear, judgment, expectation, and frustration in my life lately due to more time in my head.
And where is God in all of this?
Where is God in this new perspective that has the feel of being more aware, intelligent, knowledgeable, accepting, and expansive?
My mind is saying “God is Law”.
I heard Caroline Myss say this to Oprah a few years back. This was her response to Oprah’s standard question to Super Soul Sunday guests, “What is God?”
David Wilcock teaches in ‘Wisdom Teachings’ a model of the human spirit connected to the cosmic and quantum realms that is interconnected through sacred geometry. Using “the Law of One” philosophy as a guidance system for his personal spiritual journey a phenomenal model that brings together deep intellectual (sometimes fringe) theoretical and experiential scientific discoveries. His God seems to be the God of law, prime directives. The choice of ‘service to others’ being a better, ultimately more efficient, path than ‘service to self’ to get to the ultimate goal of return to the One.
So, more information, understanding, and awareness has shown me that the path of Love toward others is a more logical path. Love becomes logical – choosing God becomes logical. But where is the passion, the devotion, the swelling of my heart in experiencing my connection with God?
My mind turns toward several of my living spiritual teachers.  I am reminded that in the interview with Oprah, Caroline also said that through prayer her relationship to God was both impersonal and very personal; there was evident in her face and her voice the passion for the personal relationship she felt with God.
When I think of the pragmatic guru Sadhguru he regularly answers questions of followers with practical responses of looking to your life in relationship to the cosmos. His lessons are always to look within and understand ourselves and yet his videos are full of devotional ceremonies to the Hindu dieties. Somehow he keeps devotion of importance in his life and teachings even though he says that focus on the life before us is what is of importance.
My sufi teachers who seem to understand the nature of Life, Love, and God so well always bring themselves back to their heart and their attention on The Beloved.
When you have that greater understanding of the impersonal nature of All That Is how do you bring yourself back to the personal relationship with God?
That’s it for today. I’m grateful to get that off my chest.
“Never look up to anyone – never look down on anyone.” ~ Sadhguru

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