Sunday 12-11-16 The Work

“The wonderful thing is that the soul already knows to some extent that there is something behind the veil, the veil of perplexity, that there is something to be sought for in the highest spheres of life, that there is some beauty to be seen, that there is Someone to be known who is knowable.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
Happy Sunday!
I use a phrase that comes from Iyanla Vanzant all of the time. It is ‘to do your work’. Today I understand better what the work is and where it comes from.
I just finished reading a channeling from Kryon dated June 27, 2015 a date he was in Totowa, NJ. Yes, I admit it, I have moved deeply into lessons from channels and Kryon is bringing me the answers to my questions – so much validation that I am very supported in my desire to understand.
Thank you Lord for answers!
The title of the channeling is “The Human Filters”. Kryon uses metaphor to explain that the Creator is light and we are born in that image – we are light. What keeps us from seeing this are all the filters that our human life puts between ourselves and seeing, knowing, being in the flow with our Creator. He describes 5 types of filters:

  • Growing up filter – these are the things we learn from the important people in our young lives, parents, teachers, siblings, mentors, who tell us what to believe and how to behave to survive.
  • Spiritual filter – these are the things we have been taught to believe about God – or not believe.
  • Gender filter – these are the traits of gender you were taught to associate with yourself.
  • Logic filter – this is the filter that is created by the judgment of the mind as to whether something is logical based on whether it has been seen or experienced before.
  • Professional filter – this filter puts aside all things that are not part of a professional knowledge. The knowledge of the professional blocks the light of the Creator when it cannot be explained within the professional framework and if accepted could be interpreted as foolishness.

Like the ‘thousand veils’ that the Sufi speak of, clearing these filters are the work that each individual must perform to return to God, be in the flow, and see the light.
Do your work!
We each live individual lives wherein we have separate influences and experiences. From an early age we have loved ones influencing us to form our beliefs that match with our social, cultural, national, and religious environments. These significant people to us mean well and are doing their best to raise us to survive and thrive.
Today we like to use the word success to represent that we strive for more than survival but success holds multiple meanings including rewarding work. Those who love us can try to direct us the right way but no one can determine what will be rewarding, soul satisfying, for another.
Our souls push us to seek to find our True Selves; we have work to do to uncover the authentic self that is hidden below the veils and that has the filters of our life experiences blocking our light.
The work. What is it?

  • To understand that beliefs are chosen to serve a purpose in a person or group. Everyone holds different beliefs thereby they are manmade, flexible, changeable, and, poof, can just fade away. What beliefs do I hold that separate me from my Source? (Thank you Bashar.)
  • To accept what I know I know what I don’t know I don’t know. (Thank you Sadhguru.) Humility to understand that I am a speck in the great Creation so what I interpret through my senses does not mean that it is what is real. Who am I to judge with my limited perspective?
  • To know that anything is possible in God. (Thank you Yogananda.) Just because I can’t see something or haven’t experienced it myself, or within my society, does not make things impossible because they don’t fit into my logic.
  • To know that I am co-Creator of my life. I am blessed and guided to move toward my highest Self. My heart is my guidance system so pay attention to emotions; they will show you which way to turn. (Thank you Abraham.) When things don’t feel right look at them, what are the beliefs that I hold that need to be cleared? What’s hiding in my shadow? (Thanks Debbie Ford) What are the thorns I protect against? (Thanks Micky)
  • To be authentic, impeccable with my word. (Thanks Don Miguel Ruez). To put aside all that I think I am supposed to be, based on my gender, race, education, nationality, profession, to be true to my Spirit.

It seems I’ve been doing my work these past five years. (Thank you Jesus for all the teachers you have brought me to.)
Kryon spoke of one more filter, the Love filter. He said this filter brings you to compassion when you start to understand that everyone gave you the best that they could. He said of our loved ones who have passed, that when we figure out the beliefs to remove or change it doesn’t make them wrong, they did their best, and now they are celebrating our moving into wisdom.
Kryon says we are creating a new human, the compassionate human. I think that through understanding, forgiveness, and compassion we will release the things of the past and open ourselves to the new. Wisdom will allow us to release belief systems from being our protection, knowing that we have the tools and guidance to choose wisely what Life may lay before us day to day.
The light of Love will shine from us as we clear the filters away. We will experience the power of Love as we receive all we ever hoped for: Love, worthiness, specialness, and connection. The Universe will bring to us what we finally release, that which we have kept hidden for so long under so much baggage.
Do your work. Nothing is more rewarding.
And so it is.
“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” ~ Matthew 5:14-15

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