Sunday 10-9-16 Holy fool

“Make no mistake about it: if you think you are wise, in the ordinary sense of the word, then you must learn to be a fool before you can be really wise.” ~ 1 Corinthians 3:18
Happy Sunday!
This morning I caught my ego once again formulating a verbal battle about Jesus with someone who I care about. I was moving around going through my morning routine and yet my mind was playing out an argument that was months old. I yelled at myself to stop being foolish and brought my focus back on the moment of getting dressed and breathing.
Next I read a news article about the current presidential candidates and the progress of the election. I know who I am voting for but I am staying separate from forming strong opinions either way. For a moment as I read the article I thought about taking a stand and writing something in support of a cause and against a candidate but I stopped myself. I remembered that Tricia will cast a vote for the candidate that best reflects her beliefs but “I” am going to allow what is to happen, happen. I am trusting God – that however this plays out it will be for the best in the ‘big picture’.
Once again this morning Joel spoke about going through the trouble, and it being a catalyst to reaching who God meant you to be. If this Country, and the world, need to go through troubles to rise up to the next level than God’s will be done.
This got me to wondering why I easily trust in God on many things but when it comes to those people closest to me I can’t seem to let go and let God. I forget to trust God’s way over my own ideas to trigger an awakening in my loved ones.
Is this because I identify with them? Do I think they reflect back on me?
No. I am past this need to feel good about myself from being part of a group or from getting validation from another. And I know I am not looking for competition in which my group can be better than another group.
Perhaps I just want my loved ones to evolve along with me. Yes, I would love to be able to speak openly about my thoughts and experiences. If each one could understand the things about physical Life and spiritual life that I have learned I imagine we could have great fun sharing all the Wisdom and big A-ha’s together.
There is also this part of me that is fearful and doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. Is my fear for their future well-being or my own?
One morning this week I woke up and felt down and gloomy. I thought “ut-oh, what is happening today in the world that there is low energy around”. As I laid in bed I prayed prayers of gratitude to change the atmosphere. A few minutes later my husband entered the room, he was mumbling and throwing on clothes. He told me he had to go to the store (before 7am) to get a part for the furnace. He had gotten up early to put the heat on for me on the first cold night this autumn. I realized that the gloomy energy in the house was due to his struggles in the basement with the heating equipment.
It makes sense that what I was feeling was coming from the person I live with more than some energy coming from out in the world – it seems only right that my sensitivities would be strongest with those closest to me. Therefore it could be fear for my own well-being that is of concern because if my loved ones hurt I also will hurt. (And I know when I choose to stay elevated I help them to move in that direction consciously or unconsciously.)
I can accept that there is some fear involved. I think mostly I want the people I care about to know what I know and be able to experience the joy of relationship with God, All That Is, through all the many ways he/she/it extends its reach to touch our lives.
It is so much fun and who doesn’t love to share the fun!
Come on guys! (Open yourselves up to God, to possibility.) Dive in, the water feels fine!
Lord, I want to play.
“The “holy fool” is the final stage of the full human journey. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when he said, “It is those who become like little children who will enter the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 18:3). Jesus, in his frequent allusion to children, was in his own way describing this final stage of life. We return to that early childhood, as it were, running naked and exposed into the great room of life and death. “I am who I am who I am” now. God has accepted me in my most naked being, and I can now give it all back to God exactly as it is with conscious loving trust that it will be received. What else would God want?” ~ Adapted from ‘The Art of Letting Go: Living the Wisdom of Saint Francis’, Father Richard Rohr

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