Sunday 9-25-16 To LIFE

“When you were a child and you blew a soap bubble, the bubble was real, but what was inside the bubble was just the same atmosphere that is all over. When the bubble burst, a drop of soap water fell on the floor, but where the content of the bubble went, you could never see, because it is part of everything.” ~ Sadhguru
joyful sadhguru
Happy Sunday!

This past Thursday B and I went into New Brunswick to see Sadhguru. It was a great experience … to be in the presence of a Master. Sadhguru was wonderful giving all his lessons on how to REALY live in the world as well as telling his best jokes. He frequently makes the point that death is coming to us all; it is the end of the path that our bodies are walking along. The homework he gave out was to wake up each day, smile, and take note that ‘I am still alive.’ He added that every time we look at a clock we should be grateful for Life.

On another evening this week I caught the second half of an episode of Star Trek, Next Generation that I don’t recall seeing before. In this episode Worf was on a planet that had a small camp of refugees from a war between the Klingons and the Romulans; the war had occurred in the previous generation, 30-40 years earlier. In this camp the two races had come to live in peace and even mated and had children together. Worf took it upon himself to teach the young Klingons of their warrior heritage and to hone their natural instincts for hunting. The youth of the camp ended up leaving the planet with Worf to pursue education in their heritage.

I never really cared for the Klingons, their warlike, violent mentality never appealed to me. But I came to a new appreciation of them from this episode. Worf was threatened with being executed for his conversion of the minds of the youth. He accepted this as he found it was more honorable to die for what he believed than to conform. I found a new respect and understanding for the Klingons and their warrior race. I appreciated that they lived with a lust for life – to live, love, and fight hard without any fear for death.  Here is an example of acceptance for something greater than their individual life.

10-9-16 I never got back to my contemplation on this date. As this still documents some significant moments I have decided to post it even in its incompleteness – as though anything can be incomplete.

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