Sunday 9-11-16 Mystics

Happy Sunday!
I haven’t felt like writing lately. The inspiration has not been there. Its not that things are not happening in my spiritual growth – there just seems to be this cloud hanging over me that blocking the creative flow.
It is what it is.
So I am writing today just because I know this blog is not only a source of reflection and tool for growth but it also documents where I am. I refer to it regularly to review the lessons I have learned and what led me to them. I will jot down today where I am with things and see what happens.
Well I am on the path that I said I would head with my last post. I am studying the Christian mystics beginning with Saint Francis. I knew I wanted a living mystic to be my guide so I turned toward the two that I know of : Richard Rohr, Franciscan monk, and Father Thomas Keating. I watched a Richard Rohr interview on Youtube called ‘Cosmic Christ’, this clinched it for me that he was one. He is preaching about Christ as the eternal beingness and cosmic consciousness, which is my understanding.
I ordered a couple of Richard’s books and have been watching video of interview of him as well as filmed sermons. The first book, ‘What the mystics know’ is short, one page, insights and truths therefore I am using this book as a morning practice, reading a page or so to reflect on. The second book I just finished reading, ‘Eager to Love’, is about the beliefs of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, and the Franciscan Saints who followed, and how they exemplified the true teachings of Jesus.
Richard’s messages feel like balm to me – they validate where I am with my beliefs and that feels so good to be able to push aside doubt. And, when I extend my thinking to how I have developed my current beliefs from the wonderful journey that God has led me along I am in awe and so grateful.
The Christ.
Richard teaches that the Christ is eternal. The Christ was the light God created on the first day. The Christ is the Word that John state was in the beginning. The Christ has always been, will always be, and is there for everyone. The Christ is the way; it is what we all long for in our evolution.
That’s it for now – back to my quietude.

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