Sunday 8-21-16 Love of Jesus

My mind has been very busy this week all triggered by a heated debate about Jesus that occurred at lunch last Sunday.  That problem solving mind of mine keeps rolling through what was said and all the things I should have said, I don’t like this. Part of me wishes to make it stop but, as I reflect back on the week, I also see some wonderful insights as well as centering thoughts that have me feeling good again.
I am grateful to my loved one for bringing my attention back to Christ. I have been out learning from the perspective of the yogic tradition for a few months now. I know this is where my education was suppose to be centered but it is good to be reminded where my heart is to always remain.
I just spent some time writing about the journey my mind took throughout the week forming arguments about Christ versus Jesus as well as arguments about reincarnation. My writing became interrupted as I  felt drawn to read some of my past blog posts. I found I have been down this path before, made these arguments before, and came to acceptance.
I know all things are possible in God.
I know that there is much that I have learned but I also know that I don’t know – that there is an infinite physical and non-physical Universe that I can only comprehend a minute piece of.
I know there is always another way to look at things – a view from a different angle or, better yet, from a higher perspective.
I know Jesus, as Christ, as a true historical person, and as friend.
jesusTherefore, from the realization that I was just repeating past arguments, and forgetting the lessons I had previously gained, I’m disappointed with my summation of the week’s insights that I had written down. I decided to put it aside.
I closed my computer and set off to prepare for lunch. As I walked down the hall I thought about my lessons in yogic methods to reach self-realization. Sadhguru says that humans are the only creatures on the planet who are not limited. For example, a dog can only reach a certain level of ability and knowledge, he cannot advance past being a dog. A human has unlimited potential to advance intellectually, spiritually, and to even take on super human abilities.
The mystics of all faiths that achieve higher and higher levels of understanding, and some super abilities, are prevalent in eastern traditions such as yoga and Buddhism where it is the practice to seek these higher states.
I thought about the Christian religions with the restrictions that the religion has historically placed on the people (my perception). I wondered how Catholicism had managed to bring about the Saints and mystics that it has?
It came to me. LOVE.
I quickly wrote down this insight to come back to – so here I am now developing this thought.
Even though I see the culture of the Church as separating the masses from the message of the scripture by placing the priests on pedestals while diminishing the common persons’ ability to feel worthy through judgment, there were still a few who were drawn through the battle grounds toward communion with Christ. I have to believe that in the past as today focus on the words of  ‘the Bible’ to justify violence, power, and separation had to be the way and yet they could not cast aside the absolute core of Jesus’ teaching, ‘to love one another as I have loved you’.
I see it now in the Saints I have learned of these past few years, Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, St. Margaret, they were kept to the outskirts of the faith, hidden from the masses, and in some cases tortured for their beliefs and outward manifestations of the love they held for God. And yet Love carried them past the organization that controlled their lives to reach salvation with Jesus Christ and ultimately receive recognition in the form of Sainthood.
The mystics of Christianity and the Saints of Catholicism were and are the evidence of the true message that Jesus Christ brought to this world!
You know … these last few days I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with the Youtube videos from Sadhguru. I think my time of yoga as my main classroom is coming to an end. I know I will check in occasionally for an update but it is time to move forward.
If I reference back to my metaphor of Mount Truth and my spiraling walk around its perimeter to take in wisdom from all the world’s religions, faiths, and ideas, I think I am stepping out of the yoga side. What is ahead on the path?
The Christian mystics … for the love of Jesus.
1 John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

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