Health: No more B O

Last month, after my attention on cancer cures, I decided to make a change in the deodorant department of my personal hygiene. I decided I want to eliminate putting chemicals on my body. I looked at my deodorant to find that it contained anti-perspirant. I decided to stop using it and find a natural deodorant alternative.
I had just read around that time that peppermint was anti-bacterial so I put some peppermint essential oil drops in a water spray bottle to use as a spray deodorant and began my experiment. I was OK for a couple of days but I began to notice I was sweating a lot.
For decades I had said that I didn’t sweat. In the heat I would struggle with overheating but still not sweating. Without the store bought deodorant/anti-perspirant I felt like my bodily systems were beginning to function again. This may be odd to say but I think that the anti-persperant was blocking the ability of my body to sweat and not just in my armpits.
I recall when Yogi Cameron used to be on the TV he would speak of the skin being the main organ for releasing toxins from the body. All these years had I been blocking the release of toxins because I wasn’t sweating? I was happy I was sweating; I felt my body was purifying itself, finally able to release toxins through the skin.
Unfortunately, after about 3 days of appreciating my re-acquired sweating ability I began to smell. It was time to research and find some home-made natural deodorant recipes I could try. I googled and there were many recipes to find but most were the same – coconut oil. Shea butter, and baking powder. I didn’t have shea butter in the house so the first batch I mixed up just contained coconut oil, baking power, and I added some lavender essential oil for scent and its anti-bacterial properties.
My new deodorant mix helped with controlling the BO right away. For the first couple of days I noticed a tingling under my armpits. I felt like the baking soda was foaming up to take care of the sweat and bacteria. I didn’t see any evidence of this but the tingling made me imagine the possibility.
After a couple of days I came to the conclusion that my home-made natural deodorant worked great! My body was able to naturally function by sweating as much as needed and I stayed smelling fine.
It was shortly after this that the weather warmed up and my coconut oil mix turned to liquid which caused separation from the baking soda. I bought some shea butter and added that to my mixture. Now my natural deodorant stays creamy and is easy to put on each morning.
After this I changed my moisturizing cream to a home-made mix of coconut oil, shea butter and rose hip essential oil – for its high vitamin C content. My skin is looking really well!

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