What I learned about cancer.

I watched the entire series entitled ‘The Truth About Cancer’ (TTAC), by Ty Bollinger, this week. It is a 9 part documentary series so I invested about 16 hours into learning more. I ask myself why I found it so engaging and why I have found myself compelled to speak of it to so many people. I feel I need to know this for a few reasons: to help out my own family with health and healing, to better care for my own body to keep it optimal and prevent any chronic illness, AND maybe I am sensitive to the global consciousness that is turning on in support of what Ty Bollinger is trying to do – make a change to take away the fear and wake up each individual person to the realization that they are not a commodity to be exploited but a piece of precious LIFE!
You can heal, Mother Earth is the nurturer of life, our bodies come from her so we need what she offers to sustain and repair them.
I thought I would take the time today to write about some of what was discussed in this docu-series that made sense to me and, are easy things to do to boost health.
Essential Oils:
A young woman spoke about how frankincense helped cure her of a brain tumor as a child – studies now show it helps to heal the brain. She said she put the oil on her tongue and brought to top of mouth – I don’t see on the internet anyone recommending essential oils used this way but if its life and death you’ll do what you must.
Myrrh is known for healing of the liver.
Interestingly several people interviewed in TTAC mentioned the bible as a source for healthy living.
(I researched to find that thyme oil and oregano oil are good for prostate cancer.)
Homeopathy is one of the alternative medical practices that you’re unlikely to get insurance to cover; evidence for acupuncture and chiropractic has made these more mainstream but homeopathy still gets called quackery. I felt this way before I watched this film even though my family saw some success years ago with homeopathic treatment for my son’s ADHD I lost faith – how could a substance that is diluted to the extreme of not being detectable be able to heal anything?
TTAC film on the subject of homeopathy said one thing that shocked me back into believing. They explained this of the practice of taking a natural substance that mimics the symptoms of the disease and then diluting it until chemically it is not present BUT when a spectra-analysis is done of the dilution (water) it shows the substance is present! (Spectra-analysis is a method of analyzing the properties of matter from their electromagnetic interactions.) There but not there!
Essiac Tea:
Essiac tea is an herbal blend made with these four herbs: The root of the Burdock plant, The entire Sheep sorrel plant, The inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree, The roots of the Turkey Rhubarb plant (indian rhubarb and other varieties have also been used but are less potent) as stated on the site http://essiacfacts.com/
There were several testimonials in the film, even doctors who used this on family members, that this herb blend could sustain critical cancer patients over long periods. I believe this as I called ‘slippery elm bark’ the ‘elixir of life’ when I experienced how it lifted my energy when I was so ill with UC two years ago.

“Eat the rainbow!”

I learned that it is most important to eliminate sugar as it feeds cancer cells.
But, sweets from natural fruits are used differently by the body so cause no risk. We need to eat all colors of fruits and vegetables to insure we get many types of nutrients for our cells.
Excitotoxins are toxic substances in our environment that accelerate the growth of cancer cells. These substances include artificial sweetners such as aspartame and sucralose (blue and yellow sweetner packets) as well as MSG and all glutamates as they are non-natural form of glucose – they feed cancer.
We need all of the nutrients that real food provides. Juicing is beneficial when ill to make micro-nutrients more readily available to cells. You can also use pulp from the machine for salads and soups so nothing goes to waste.
We need minerals: chromium, selenium, and silica.
Vitamin C in high doses as anti-oxidant to eliminate free radicals.
Iodine deficiency is directly linked to cancer.
Vitamin D deficiency is highly likely in cancer patients. 20,000 mg mega dose of vitamin D is used.
B17, amygdalin was mentioned as able to kill off cancer cells. The film showed a very nice English couple, Rob and Sue Olifent of Noddingham, who were able to naturally cure Sue’s liver cancer. They mentioned that they chew on apricot kernels, a great source of B17.
Interestingly the eggplant family, including green peppers, have a chemical in it, BEC5, that destroys skin cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.
Avoid GMOs, it is an antibiotic so it kills gut flora. GMO plants are over sprayed with pesticides which bring more toxicity to us possibly causing cancer. GMO plants are: corn, wheat, soy, sugar beet, canola, papaya.
We always have cancer cells in our bodies but our immune system is able to remove them when it is strong and healthy. We need the trillions of good bacteria in our gut to have a strong immune system. When it is weakened from poor nutrition and an overload of toxins it cannot keep up with the cleanup of rogue cells and they take hold enough to develop their own blood supply – this is cancer.
Cancer cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment. Somehow, over time, toxicity in our bodies grows so much that they cells are no longer living in a medium that is oxygen based. It becomes acidic and cancer cells thrive here. If we can detoxify and oxygenate our system cancer cells will die and good cells will get healthy again. The film spoke of structured water, MRET water, in which the molecules are linear and feed into cells more easily. Springs and waterfalls alter the water this way but now devices are being designed that can also modify the structure of the water.
An easy home remedy is the use of flax oil. It was explained that flax oil draws oxygen to it (negative ions or something) but because of the charge it cannot pass through the intestine wall. The remedy is to mix 2 tablespoons of flax oil into cottage cheese, known as Budwig diet, a successful cancer treatment.
A newsletter from TTAC arrived yesterday that spoke of hydrogen peroxide being a great cancer treatment, another source to help oxygenate the body. H2O2 kills cancer cells. You need 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide – at naturalnews.com it suggested to either add a cup to a warm bath to soak in or to put a few drops in a glass of water to drink – do these things routinely.
Temperature and light are important. Cancer doesn’t grow in warm temperatures so thermotherapy is used. Hot baths may help as well as saunas.
Sunlight is so important to raise your vitamin D levels.
TTAC had several treatments regarding light/infrared treatments but these didn’t grab my attention so they must not resonate with me.

Healing comes from within.

We are taught that cancer means death which makes us full of fear at the mention of the ‘C’ word. To add to our fear we have seen that cancer treatments cause suffering with little hope of living long past the diagnosis. And yet this series tells the story of many survivors who followed their intuition to do things differently and they live. Somehow in this culture of fear a few people have found the strength to stay hopeful and keep the control of their health in their own hands. Nearly every one of these people mentioned God (where else would the strength come from!)
Dr. Cornu-Leblat on TTAC said that the thing we all need to learn is that healing happens within. When we are given this most fearful of diagnosis we tend to shut down and take the easy course being to give all control to the doctors.
This film gives hope. It gives the understanding that you can take some time to breath, research, pray, reflect, and come up with the plan that is best for you.

“You’re not sick because you have cancer; you have cancer because you are sick.”

This quote from the film resonates with me. In one way it is scary and disturbing to consider that cancer comes due to not caring for ourselves OR, more likely from trusting food trends, commercial brands, our environment, and our cultural norms that have influenced us our whole lives into believing that it is all OK for us even though it was all developed in factories to support industry without consideration for our well-being. No one wants to admit to themselves that this illness is their own fault for not taking better care of their bodies. I know that I can pretend that I am oblivious to the foods that are bad for me and go on eating them, but beneath it all I know the truth that natural foods are best..
Like the spiritual journey, we must look at all parts of ourselves, the good and bad, to come to forgiveness and move toward  peace, liberation, and on this topic, well-being.
The other side of this quote is the thought that there is some control here – cancer doesn’t pop up overnight. It is a late sign, and perhaps the last, that we need to be more aware of how we care for this body. The people who spoke of their self-healing on TTAC said that the cancer was the best thing that happened to them in their lives, they had become healthier and awake to all the false pressures of our culture.
When we open our eyes and truly look at the miraculous-ness of LIFE around us, how is it that we choose to avoid or ignore it? Our bodies are built from pieces of the Earth that we picked up, consumed, and added to the flesh that we identify with and call ‘our-self’. In this way we are a piece of LIFE!
Time to wake up and live right!
I pray for well-being for you, me, our families, our nations, and our Earth.

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