Sunday 4-10-16 – Mind Blown

Be still – and know – I am – God.
Happy Sunday!
I don’t have much to write this week. It not is because there is nothing happening; it is because it is overwhelming right now.
My mind is BLOWN – BOOM!
I don’t know what to make of my experiences right now: events fly past, everything falls into place, prayers are answered, guidance is always present, answers to questions are revealed. It is all amazing and wonderful.
Two wonderful books have entered my life this week. They are so obviously for me, for where I am right now, that the magnificence of God is so obvious.
The books are “The Impersonal Life” and “Vasitha’s Yoga”.
These books are taking me somewhere; I feel it in my excitement and high energy.
I am going to be still now and allow it all to unfold.
awesome God

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