Sunday 4-3-16 What is within?

“There is no way to peace – peace is the way.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi 
Happy Sunday!

This week I received a wonderful gift from Hay House. Last year I took the online Writer’s Workshop so this week I was given free access to the recording of a weekend course given by Wayne Dyer called “Writing from your Soul.” From the stories Wayne told during this course I realized he was a highly evolved person.
For the course Wayne told stories as evidence to his message that we all have a calling and that we should let go to allow God to lead us where we are meant to be. He told of his past as well as the many things he was working on, gifts that are still coming his way. He mentioned working his was through the lengthy scripture’s known as Vasistha’s Yoga that a woman on the street mentioned to him in passing (I just ordered this from Amazon).
During his talk Wayne used a lesson from Vasistha; he asked, when an orange is put under pressure and squeezed what is it that comes out? We all know to answer orange juice. Wayne said yes, it releases its true nature. Now ask yourself what are you releasing when you are put under pressure and squeezed? Is it frustration, blame, anger, anxiety or is it your true self?
This sounds like a job for mindfulness! This makes me want to be sure to always express my true self therefore I must chose to stay who I am as I am in all situations.
Peaceful … I do a good job at this most of the time.
And kind … I’m still working on improving this.
On Saturday morning I was doing some yoga while listening to a podcast by Sadhguru called ‘Encounter the Enlightened’ on Youtube. This was an interview where someone was asking big questions about enlightenment. Sadhguru was asked about dhyana, meditation, to bring well-being and enlightenment. Dhyana means to be beyond the limits of your body and mind. He said being happy is an accident as body and mind are subject to the forces of duality. Meditation is to transcend the physical (body and mind) to touch the Source, that which is the basis of body and mind (to be neither the body nor the mind).
Here is where it got good. Sadhguru said the body and mind are what we gather from outside, they are not the basis of life. They are the surface of life like the peel of the fruit. The peel only has purpose as a protective layer of the fruit but when the something inside, the fruit, is gone the peel is of no interest. If you eat the peel of life it is bitter; a problem in life is that it, the peel, has bits of sweetness from connection to the fruit that cause us to seek happiness on the surface. When we transcend the peel we taste the fruit, the sweetness of knowing our Source.
Sadhguru taught that our normal perspective is from just the five sense organs so we can only perceive the surface, the peel. We humans are capable to know life past the 5 senses – to perceive the Source of life. Meditation is the tool to transcend, a time to listen to God and know our Source.
When I think about what I think is within in me and what I chose to show the world it is Peace.
Everyone seemed to be speaking of Peace today. Joel spoke about letting go of worry, to put God back on the throne and rest. He also said that when we are busy God is resting, when we rest God gets busy. Love that! No worries, be happy!
I finished watching the course with Wayne Dyer and he gave the quote I presented at the top. Peace is the way, a daily practice.
Today at lunch my loved one was speaking of our true selves from the place of duality by saying that people who were happy and peaceful were hiding from the pain and struggle. I spoke of those who had transcended and don’t hide but truly find peace in Life. It comes from living and accepting the good and the bad equally – that it all must come and be allowed to pass through us. In others we can recognize the struggles they have because of their resistance and feel compassion because we too have been there and have had to learn to release (forgiveness).
Today I see that Peace is the practice for the next level of being.
I just went back to my blog of 12-27-15 when I wrote about the 4 stages of spiritual evolution that Michael Beckwith described and I saw clearly in my own journey in what he said. In Michael’s talk on Super Soul Sessions he did not give much information on the fourth stage of being but I felt that to move there one had to release the ego/self.
Last week when I wrote of Judas I witnessed his lost opportunity at releasing his ego and asked that I not miss mine.
The big A-ha! Just came. Peace is the practice for the release of the ego.
Judas, if he had just chosen to come to a place of peace and acceptance with the events, to not judge them, to allow and not care about the outcome then his experience would have been different.
I expected the fourth stage to be the big light show and expansive Universal perspective but now I see ‘being’ as simple and sweet. It is Peace. It is all the things I have aspired to (and written of): surrender, no judgment, and acceptance of what comes.
This morning Wayne spoke to us writers about letting our writing flow as a response to our calling and having no interest in the outcome.
Sadhguru speaks all the time of just working on understand Life. He emphasizes the wonder of all that occurs in and around us; that Life happens without need of our decision or action.
Joel said to rest and let God do what must be done.

I’m moving into being, being at peace.
I want the peace of a human being that accepts and appreciates the life that has been especially prepared for the benefit of my growth and well-being.
Thank you!
“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 4:6-7

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