Sunday 1-24-16 Truth, Forgiveness, Love

“Love coming out of you is the only way to be happy.  Unconditional love for yourself… You just accept who you are, and accept everyone else the way he or she is.  You have the right to love, to smile, to be happy, to share your love, and to not be afraid to receive it also.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz
This week I finished reading Don Miguel Ruiz’s book ‘The Mastery of Love, A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship’.  One of the last chapters left me with a lasting impression.
The chapter was called ‘Healing the Emotional Body’.  Don Miguel said to imagine that all our past hurts are like a skin desease – the wounds need to be opened, treated, and allowed to heal. He said that to heal our emotional wounds we need Truth to open the wounds, forgiveness to clean the wounds of poison, and Love to heal the wounds.
Don Miguel credited Jesus as the teacher of these great lessons. (He also said the other masters who’ve come to guide the other cultures of the world also taught these same lessons).
When the three step process was summarized at the end of the chapter I had a big ‘A-ha!’ as my spiritual journey passed across my mind.  These are the stages that I went through on my journey.
I have wondered why I went through the stages of interest in ancient aliens, channels, Atlantis, and cultures and religions that differ from my own.  I had to learn the Truth that what I was raised to believe, or had chosen as my own beliefs, was not truth. All that I had grown comfortable with, my set of beliefs in only what could be seen and accepted by sensible people could be truth, this I had to let go of.  I learned real Truth: that everything is possible, I am an eternal being, and all is well. I learned my life belongs to God.
I recalled my first big revelation, the power and healing that reflection and communication with God gave me.  I learned to forgive myself.  I learned shame was something I no longer had to hold onto, that I had the power to work through the pain and see things differently.  I learned to accept that I, and others, do the best we can.
And, through these processes that were offered to me as I moved along my path, I was brought to a place of self-Love.  God granted my plea to learn to Love well with learning to Love me!
“That is healing. Three simple points: the truth, forgiveness, and self-love. With these three points, the whole world will heal and will no longer be a mental hospital.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz
Heaven on Earth!
I feel so blessed for the gifts of wisdom and healing God has given to me and also for this new awareness that I have been granted the lessons that Jesus offered to us all.  I am grateful.
I feel special … but this is silly.  Simplicity always brings the most magnificent realizations. Of course my journey reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ. What else could be the outcome of the journey I sought to find God?
Again he shows me how he is the way.
Truth. Forgiveness. Love.
And so it is.

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