Sunday 1-17-16 The Balance

“With your loving, there ain’t nothing, That I can’t adore. The way I’m running, with you honey, Is we can break every low. I find it funny that you’re the only, One I never looked for. There is something in your loving, That tears down my walls.
“I wasn’t ready then, I’m ready now, I’m heading straight for you. You will only be, eternally, The one that I belong to.
“The sweetest devotion, Hitting me like an explosion. All of my life, I’ve been frozen,
The sweetest devotion I’ve known.” ~ Adele

The other day I was looking through my weekly email newsletter from Isha USA.  The featured article contained a video of Sadhguru answering a woman’s question, ‘What is the purpose of life?’
Sadhguru made his point clear that he thinks to have a purpose in life is the trouble with the world.  He said people with a purpose are crazy as the belief in their purpose overshadows their ability to experience their life and to allow others to experience their own (my understanding of his words).  He said that living with the belief in a purpose puts us into a trap – to be restricted within the belief instead of flowing with what life has to offer.
Sadhguru went onto say that the beliefs that form our psychological structure wall us into a trap but they also give us comfort and security. He said our psychological structure, which gives us identity, is like the walls of a house; it gives us security from what lies outside. But, Sadhguru added, most of us wish to go outside as we sense the trap, therefore we install doors. And, those who are afraid to go outside of the trap they built find a purpose to stay secure in their walls forever.
I felt that Sadhguru was saying that to go outside, releasing the psychological structure, is releasing the ego.
From here Sadhguru went on to say that to go further we need balance – before we can climb we need to gain balance. He spoke about how many of us work today to dismantle our psychological structure, with this we dismantle our trap but we also dismantle our security.  He said if we don’t have balance it is better to stay on the ground then to climb.
Sadhguru left me wanting more. In the 11 minute video he did not explain how to have balance outside of the ego structure.
Balance. This is where my contemplation began today.
As I took my weekly drive to meet with my family for lunch I asked, “What is the balance?”
At lunch, after time eating and catching up on all the family news we moved into conversation about the books that we are reading. G is currently reading Brene’ Brown, ‘Gifts of Imperfection’ so, in knowing that book, I knew the words I could use for the conversation included humility, vulnerability, and the false self we create.
Our conversation moved onto Jesus as it usually does.  This is where G tries to get me to acknowledge the greatness of Jesus as proclaimed in the Bible.  I usually remain silent but this week I spoke of my full belief in Jesus but not through the interpretation and confirmation of scholars but by my following of the mystics who I believe are like me and have had experiences with Jesus.
During our long conversation I stumbled on my points many times (I was not impeccable with my words due to fear of being too woo-woo) however I found myself resolving my points by saying more than once that Jesus said to put God first.
In his effort to re-affirm to me the significance of Jesus, G said that the fact that the disciples ventured out to teach of Jesus, to push aside their fears and to give their own lives, is the proof of the Truth of the message (not that I need proof).  G said people would only give their lives this way for the TRUTH.  I questioned him because I thought of the Nazis.  He said that it wasn’t truth as they went out as aggressors and with a sense of power.

I didn’t understand at first but then understanding came. I laughed as I realized my answer to the question of balance was realized as well – a gift!
How do we find the balance as we release the ego – the psychological structure that provides security?
We put God first! 🙂
The disciples acted in vulnerability – their power came from humbling themselves before God. He came first. Their strength and power came from the Holy Spirit. Their mission succeeded past their deaths.Their power was True because they sought only to move and act and do as God would have them do.
Freedom without structure is anarchy ~ Sadhguru
The release of the ego opens us up to the power of All That Is. Humility, bowing to God is what is necessary to be balanced.
Last week I wrote of the ego program. The idea of simplifying ego down to a programing loop of the mind caused a shift in me.  I felt a release, a small opening of separation between my true Self and my ego.
I am so grateful for the lesson today so I don’t trek into new places without guidance. I am grateful to God for his continued presence in my life.
A door has opened in my psychological structure. I wish to venture out as a balanced being.
I now recall an early lesson I heard (and practiced) from Sadhguru in a video I watched a few months ago.  He was asked how to start out on the spiritual path.  Sadhguru said to practice gratitude for Life.  He said to wake up each morning and thank God for a new day to live in.  He said throughout the day to return your attention to appreciation for the life before you.
I don’t remember if he said it or if I formed this idea – I would think that at any moment God could turn his attention away from this manifested world and it would all dissolve away. It is in this thought that I find gratitude, humility, and devotion to God for All That Is in my experience.
Happy Sunday!
“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11:29-30.

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