Sunday 11-29-15 – 53 for you

Happy Sunday!
“When you are in alignment with who-you-really-are, you cannot help but uplift those with whom you come into contact. Your value to those around you hinges upon only one thing: your personal alignment with Source. And the only thing you have to give to another is an example of that alignment—which they may observe, then desire, and then work to achieve—but you cannot give it to them. Everyone is responsible for the thoughts they think and the things that they choose as their objects of attention.” ~ Abraham
gratitude tyAnother year has passed, I’m now 53.
I read my posting of gratitude a year ago when I turned 52 and really liked it.  And, though I feel there may be other things to reflect on this morning I am going to do the exercise of writing down the things I am grateful for at this point in my life as a birthday gift to myself so I can look it over one-year from today.
There is a lot to be grateful for this year. My immediate family is doing well. I see maturity and intelligence expanding in my two sons; most of all I see that they are good people.  My marriage is good – although I feel my husband would like more attention from me.
Mom is better than she has been for years.  My relationships with my siblings are well and thriving. I am grateful for the tension that arises within me when we are not in agreement as it always leads me to reflection and expansion of my awareness.  It is in these relationships with my siblings that I see proof of sacred contracts – we came to live together to inspire growth in one another.
Regarding work, I like what I wrote last year that work is where I best see the benefits of being honest and ‘impeccable with my word’. This is still true. I have gotten down about work at times this year as it was tough and there were times I would rather be doing something else but, all my projects have been very successful this year.  Through all the struggles I did not complain but stayed positive in knowing that they would work out well. I kept the Faith! I am grateful for that.
I am grateful for my health and the wonderful body I have been provided to live this life with. I appreciate that I more and more recognize the wisdom of the body and that I am willing to listen when it knows best how to live and heal.  A year of health is a wonderful gift!
I am very grateful for the growth of my relationship with Jesus.  We’ve had our ups and downs this year but he did not give up on me. I am so grateful for all I have learned in the last few months and appreciate the teachers he has led me to.  I am grateful to be a devotee of Christ.
I am grateful for my blog; it has become a tremendous blessing to me. I re-read what I have written in the past and am able to see those things I have requested have come into being.  Today I look around in awe of the Truth that is coming to me and can see that I documented back in August my taking of Jesus’s hand to lead me. Wishes Fulfilled!
I am grateful for now being taught lessons by Yogananda and his disciples. I am grateful for the recognition that my mind is ready to better comprehend lessons I could not before.
I am grateful for days off for devotion, reflection, and writing.
I am grateful to the people in my life who love me through my periods of distraction away from them and daily life.
I am grateful to assist others seeking support and validation of their own realizations and experiences. I desire these moments of sharing to continue so that we all move together toward God, letting go of our fears of not fitting in to social norms.
I am grateful for the constant validation I get from God supporting my journey and for expressing my true Self. Please use me to bring that joy and peace to others who may doubt.
“Oh I can’t keep it in can’t keep it in. I’ve gotta let it out. I’ve got to show the world, world’s got to see. See all the love, love that’s in me.” ~ Cat Stevens

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