Sunday 11-1-15 Still water

“We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.” ~ Taoist proverb
Happy Sunday!
What to write about this week?  I was uncertain all weekend.
Things are quiet.  No big A-ha’s this week.
No teachers or gurus grabbing my attention. My mind has had its attention on everyday things.  My desire has been on things being peaceful at work and having ease at home.
My heart is quiet – no aches to understand or messages to draw out. There have been no journeys during meditation.
With how quiet things are this week, I was a bit worried I was out of alignment and disconnected from Source. Although, when I would take a moment to connect by bringing my awareness back to my true Self I felt loved and supported.
What a shame that when there are not the good emotions of happiness and joy flowing in that my mind must instead turn looking for negative emotions.
Last Sunday I wrote about Sadhguru and the lesson I received on humility from his analogy of salt as the personality in life.  This lesson was a small part of a larger lesson of living at ease.  He said we are jumpy – to much salt.  The salt is our personality and that this is built upon things that are dead: opinions, beliefs, ideologies.  We should let go of the dead part of us to just be life – live in the now is what I relate to what he is saying.  This is how to live at ease.
On Super Soul Sunday I watched a repeat of Oprah’s interview Barbara Brown Taylor.  Barbara’s metaphor for the spiritual journey sat well with me.  She said she had to give up on the idea of the journey as it puts too much attention on the destination.  She said we tend to think of spirituality like a train ride, get on and there is a destination to get off at the end of the ride.  She said in her experience spirituality is like a sailboat, that each day we must check the wind and the water and make adjustments.  This is true with the spiritual path as each day there are new conditions to work through.
Her metaphor made me realize that I am in a place of still water and no wind.  I am OK with this.  My mind tried to make trouble of this idea as stillness can be a big problem for a sailor as there is no movement toward the destination.  I realize now that in the stillness there is well-being – all is well.  I should take my attention off the destination and feel gratitude for being where I am as I am.
A lesson in being at ease – lovely!
LOA!  This is what I desired.  I did not realize that I needed to learn to be at ease before the Universe could bring me what I desire.
Barbara Brown Taylor’s book that was the subject of the interview was “Learning to walk in the Dark”.  It is about appreciating the things the dark holds whether it is learning to release fear or seeing the big lessons that come when we go through our dark times.  I read this book last Fall so I had the appreciation for the dark times Barbara spoke about.  I was given a new insight to recognize when things are still that this is OK and to feel appreciation.
I held the belief that I was either in the light or in the dark not realizing there was this place of ease in the middle.  We learn of the Universe holding two energies of male and female: being and doing, yin and yang.  When we are not to one side or the other we are considered in balance.
This is at ease.
One more thing I just realized.  If our energy bodies have magnetic poles then the heart is the neutral field.  My heart is my place of ease.
I am glad this excursion landed in my heart.
Peace be with you!
“We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet.” ~ W.B.Yeats

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