Sunday 9-20-15 Dance in the rain

Happy Sunday!
Something troubling happened in my family last week that, in the physical, has the potential to disturb the well-being of my family.  Needless to say the last week has had its ups and downs.
My Lord has laid down before me wonderful tools that I have recognized and grabbed hold of.  My education of the Sacred Heart could not have been more timely; I thank Jesus for the gift and directing me to for this past month of lessons of the Sacred Heart.
I am also thankful that my routine last Sunday morning was disrupted so that instead of reflection and writing I used an hour to watch Michael Singer on Super Soul Sunday (with Oprah).  This interview really helped me to remain in peace with what was to come later that day.
I wavered between peace and fear for the first few days of this week. I used the tools I have been given.  I regularly brought my focus back to my heart to find peace in my connection with Jesus.  I reminded myself to stay in the present moment where all is well.  I told myself that this too will pass. This last thought I found bothersome.
My family and I moved through the week taking on each task that lied ahead of us with dealing with our trouble.  We supported and loved each other.  We communicated our support.  I continued to get what I needed from Source.
On Tuesday Peter texted me the following quote that he said is posted on the wall in the facility he works at:
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~ Vivian Greene
We don’t usually send each other those kinds of texts so it was very significant to me in its meaning and that it came from Peter spontaneously.  The quote made me realize that I spent too much time waiting for things to improve, Running on Faith as Eric Clapton sang of.  I am grateful for my strong Faith that ‘all is well’ and ‘all will be well’ but here was something new to strive for … to learn to dance in the rain.
Last Sunday Michael Singer spoke of his knowing that when his trouble came that it was going to be what pulled the last bit of ego from him. He knew there would be good to come from the trouble.  I also realized that there would be good in the form of lessons and growth that would come from our problem.
Can there be joy as well?
I had the thought last Sunday that this problem of ours does not need to envelop our whole lives.  There will be time that it has our attention but most of the time we will be living our lives of well-being.  Life is not on hold.  We don’t have to stop living waiting for the storm to pass. New people, new opportunities, new lessons will continue to blossom and bloom in our lives.  New Love will come.
I also wonder if there will be the fulfillment of desires?
I too desire the stripping away of the ego that Michael Singer sought.  He gave the means to do this. He said to watch for the things that bring up disturbance in the heart and then look at them to understand and release them. He used the analogy of a thorn stuck into us giving pain; instead of going through life trying to avoid hitting the thorn in our skin, just pull it out.   I have been taking on that practice this week.  My concern of being judged is a big thorn for me.
I also desire spiritual connection with my family.  I would like to share my journey with my husband and sons.  This trouble of ours might be a catalyst for that to happen. A conversation with my son this week showed me a glimmer of possibility.  I see change in my son that makes me proud and elevates my thoughts of his future potential.
My husband sent me the quote that gave me a new direction on my own path.  I felt perhaps we were moving closer to seeing things the same way.  When he had his own period of distress and I tried to sooth him he still pushed against the words I offered.  My accidental hero still can’t hear me. But, I see the sacredness of his own journey and I give my blessing to it.
This morning Joel Osteen gave me more to use on the journey ahead, he spoke of not letting things into our secret place; that we all need to have a ‘holy of holies’ place within us that we guard against outside influences of negativity.  I know that place, it is my Sacred Heart.  He spoke of bible heroes who guarded their secret place, keeping peace and God in their hearts.  He ended his sermon saying they stayed in peace and God brought vindication.
The word vindication bothers me as my mind immediately goes to revenge.  I looked up the definition of vindicate, there were seven meanings offered and only one said avenge.  The one I liked the best said ‘to clear’.
I desire that one Lord!
So it is.
“I am surrounded by the Love of God.” ~ ACIM WB PII-Lesson 264

4 thoughts on “Sunday 9-20-15 Dance in the rain

  1. Inspiration:
    I asked for Strength…and God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.
    I asked for Wisdom…and God gave me Problems to solve.
    I asked for Prosperity…and God gave me a Brain and energy to work.
    I asked for Courage…and God gave me Danger to overcome.
    I asked for Love…and God gave me Troubled people to help.
    I asked for Favors…and God gave me Opportunities.
    I received nothing I wanted, but I received everything I needed.
    author unknown

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