Sunday 8-30-15 Push – Pull

hand extended2Happy Sunday!
“You are important enough to ask and you are blessed enough to receive back.” ~ Wayne Dyer  
When I think of my relationship with Jesus I think of the words push and pull.  I keep pushing away and he keeps pulling me back with gifts that broaden my awareness.
This morning I was reading the David Richo Sacred Heart website that I mentioned discovering last week.  The readings are of real interest to me as they refer to lessons and messages from mystics from various ages and faiths.  I thought to myself, ‘I wish that I had someone, a mystic, saint, or sage, that I could ask about my relationship with Jesus’.  I thought of looking to see if I could find a mystic on Facebook or the web where I could post a question.  I need a guru I thought.  Then I remembered declaring Jesus as my guru a year or so ago.
I realized I just need to develop my question, get it written down. I am supported every Sunday in finding answers so why would this be different?
This question just seems a bit more difficult. Can I open up about my trouble with Jesus?
It’s one of my old failings, thinking I can’t speak with the individual I hold the problem with.  So I am going to put my issue out there and have Faith.  Jesus, angels, guides, Source, whoever it is who is helping out today, I am asking for help to figure this out.
My question … Why Jesus?
Yes, I am still struggling with the whole thought of Jesus as the way!
Shouldn’t our intent and focus be on God, return to Oneness, salvation as it it called in ACIM.
I just got it!
I want to hit myself in the head!  Why could I not get it before?
‘Return to the Oneness’ – It is a return trip!
How do I get there?
I walk the path.
Who knows the way?
(I’m feeling a bit stupid right now as it all makes so much sense.)
Jesus as guide.  Jesus as guru.
Why could I not just reach out my hand and let him lead me?
Because I don’t want to be like all those people I judge.  The ones who say I have to be like them to be saved, the ones who condemn and hate others that they judge as sinners as they don’t measure up to an interpretation of a religion.
And what am I doing?
I’m not only judging them but pushing against my Lord because of the mis-understanding of some humans about his message.
I am ready to release it all.  I am asking for help.
Today at lunch B. mentioned a lesson that Oprah had received on her show.  She found understanding and forgiveness for her mother because she learned that people do the best for the level they are at.
Can I come to understand that these people I judge may be doing their best?
Yes.  I can imagine that they have found some happiness, peace, or strength in their religion or belief in Jesus.  And, that their intention is only that others should know what they know.  It is a good intention as they think others will find peace in the way that they have.  I can also imagine that they may desire a world of peace and see this as possible only when all people are like them.
I desire a world of peace as well.  I just hold an added belief that Love and acceptance are able to get us there. I also honor the diversity of all beings – all are sacred and part of the whole.  (I need to practice this more.)
Jesus just wants to help.  This is such a simple and obvious answer.  Every spiritual teacher has said that the closer you get to God the more you want to be of service – of course he is eternally waiting to show us the way.
Take my hand please.  I am ready to follow.
“Where you lead, I will follow, anywhere that you tell me to.  If you need, you need me to be with you, I will follow where you lead.” ~ Carole King

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