Sunday 7-26-15 Another veil lifts.

“Since I learnt that He longs for me, longing for Him never leaves me for an instant.” ~ Llewellyn Vaughan Lee

Happy Sunday!

I long for him and yet I know I am pushing him away.  Too many questions still fill my mind.  And, why my heart is closed I don’t know, but I want to understand.
I have conflicting thoughts in my mind from different teachers.
Abraham, who I believe to be as is described as Esther’s connection to Source energy, once said something of Jesus that has not left my mind.  Abraham uses the terms ‘being in alignment’ and ‘in the vortex’ to speak about having your energetic vibration elevated so you are connected to your Source, your True Self.  Once, in response to a question about Jesus, Abraham said that Jesus lived life in the vortex except for one bad day.  I’ve had a problem with that idea since I first heard it so it is continually coming up for analysis in my mind.
I have to say my belief in Abraham, as evidence of our ability to connect to our Source (the Christ consciousness), is so strong that sometimes I more question the interpretation of Jesus from the bible, religious leaders, and Yeshua channels.  This is where some of my blocks come from that keep me from opening up to Jesus.
I am seeking answers.
I was just thinking of my heart meditations of this past winter. How easy it was to follow the direction of a new teacher (Drunvalo) to return once again into my heart and find Jesus there waiting for me.  I just re-read my blog entry of 3-22-15 ‘Overlook’, a lesson on rising above to accept the pain and joy in life with equal empathy and not with indifference.
I began to tingle as I read my entry – there is an answer here to the current question of my mind.  I must bring these ideas back to Jesus.
I believe he knew what was to come.  The human part of him had learned to surrender all to the path that revealed itself each day.  He stepped forward accepting each opportunity to be the expression of God, the Truth about the Universe.  And yet he was a man.  Perhaps, for one day he was asked to be a man … to make sacred the pain and suffering that physical life offers to All That Is.
To Overlook.  To be elevated in your awareness that All is sacred.  God created All.  God is All.  And, every experience is an experience that contributes to the wonder of the Whole.
I could not resolve in my mind that Jesus could have come out of alignment and then suffered death at the hand of humanity, that he could have had a bad day.  This morning I was given the realization that as God, he was All, could choose All, be the expression of All including the horrors of physical life.  He overcame death.
“Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life.”
How many times I repeated this Eucharistic prayer during Catholic mass – little did I know what these words represented? He walked through the valley of death and found power and glory on the other side.  He is teaching us to release our fear of death, it cannot take away the well-being of God, All That Is.
Jesus lives!
I think today I might have also resolved another question of my mind regarding Jesus. That question is the belief of many of Jesus as God.  I understand Jesus as God as I am God, as we are both part of All That Is.  But, these ideas today of Jesus rising higher to ‘overlook’ and experience both the highs and lows, the manifested and unmanifested, fill me with awe.
Thank you Lord for always being with me even when my mind is keeping you at arms length.  Please stay in my heart, I will always find my way back home to you.
“When I said ‘I am with you always’ I meant it literally.  I am not absent to anyone in any situation.  Because I am always with you, you are the way, the truth and the life.” ~ ACIM Text-7. III. 1:7-9

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