Sunday 7-5-15 Angels in the architecture

“What know we of the Blest above but that they sing, and that they love?” ~ William Wordsworth

Happy Sunday!

Angels are with me.  I’ve come to the point of knowing that now.  I wish I had known that all along.
I have been sticking with Doreen Virtue these last few weeks for meditations and feeding my current interest in angels.  It seems a funny topic for a 52 year old woman to be interested in; I feel like the subject matter should have been taught to me when I was a little girl.
I guess it was not the time.
I listened to a meditation from Doreen this week which was about connecting with our guardian angels.  From this I gained information that I wish I had known as a little girl.  I learned that we each have at least two guardian angels.  One is there to always comfort us and the second to give us guidance.  She said the law of free will requires that we ask for or allow our angels to help us.
“Yes!” I say.  “Please do!”
In the meditation Doreen said we should know who our guardian angels are, we should know their names. Doreen said to ask the angels for their names. I felt hesitant.  I am better about believing the messages that enter my mind but I still have my doubts.  When the first name I heard was ‘Michael’ I thought, “Yeah … sure”. Doreen advised that angel names could be common names from our culture, names from other cultures, and also names of the archangels.  I was having my doubts until I heard the second name, ‘Sadie’.  Well that name came from no prompting of my own consequently this led me toward belief.  I decided to double check the first so I asked, “It really is Michael?”  I received the answer of ‘yes’.  This sealed my belief; Sadie and Michael are my guardian angels.  I just seemed to know that Sadie is my comforter and Michael is my guide.
I am very grateful to now know who has been by my side all of these years.  It’s nice to know who they are that put up with my decades of non-sense of doubting my worthiness and, just kept loving and guiding me.  What a Universe it is that such beings are able to remain steady without frustration!
I just had a laugh because I heard said, ‘there was frustration’.
During my viewing of the Writer’s Workshop I saw Doreen answering questions from attendees at the recorded workshops.  One man was speaking of his fear of publishing his beliefs in a book because it might impact his professional life and reputation.  Doreen called on Archangel Michael to use his sword to slice away the fears the man carried so he could move forward with his desire to publish.
I considered the change of perspective it gives me to know that I am supported, even defended.  I felt about the time before I knew I was supported, it was like there was a shield I held over my heart.  It was a shield of protection but it was also there blocking my expressing my True Self in fear it will be hurt or damaged. I believed my Self to be small, a precious and delicate being in its finite individuality. In knowing that I am supported I feel the freedom to express my True Self without fear as it is not ‘all that is’ or ‘all that I have’.  I realize Self cannot be easily damaged because it is just part of a greater whole.  If it does get hurt I know it will easily heal as a minor wound does on a greater body.
All this makes me wonder, ‘who all is out there supporting me?’
I call on God, my loved ones who have passed, Jesus, Buddha, Saints, Angels, Source energy (Abraham), and the Holy Spirit. (Have I missed anyone?)  Is all this attention really just on me as I undertake this physical life?
Abraham says we are the cutting edge of existence.  I am very curious about all the support that is said to be there for each of us.  I also wonder about the role each plays in supporting me.  Does it matter who I call on?
Perhaps life is like the production of a film and we are the actors.  Behind each scene that gets created on the film are the dozens of supporting production people: director, producers, editors, writers, crew of all types.  Is this why we have so many support staff?
I wonder what role you play Jesus?
My thoughts tell me you are director who leads us to salvation.  Someone has to have the vision and keep the focus on the goal.
I am still struggling with the idea of big and small.  My confusion continues this week from a memoir I am reading where the author has a very intimate relationship with Jesus (Yeshua).  Can it really be that intimate and also Jesus as ‘the Way’ to all that is?
I watched the re-run of Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on Super Soul Sunday today.  He spoke so intimately of the Sufi relationship with God.  He said God was so intimate, he gestured to his heart, and also beyond the beyond of thought.
I’m not sure why I can’t get comfortable with this duality.  Perhaps this is why God has given us so many beings that we can choose from to relate to.  The task of trying to make a connection with “All That Is” is perhaps too far a stretch.
Thanks Lord for the help.
“Since I learnt that He longs for me, longing for Him never leaves me for an instant.” – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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