Sunday 6-21-15 I'm tough

“The angels can help us to shift from fear into peace, just as easily as you change the word Scared into Sacred by rearranging the C. When you “C” the divine order and blessings within every situation and relationship, there’s nothing to be scared about . . . because it’s all sacred.” ~ Doreen Virtue

Happy Sunday!

I learned about a new trait in myself this week.  A friend this week told me “you are tough”.  He was saying this in regards to my dealings with contractors on financial negotiations and contractual obligations.  It is all about procedures for us these days as there are tight purse strings on government monies. I don’t back down to excuses for not getting proper paperwork submitted before I sign to release payment.
When I took on my manager job, nearly eleven years ago now, I was afraid of any confrontation or negotiation with contractors.  I saw them as deceitful and manipulative and myself as naive. I used to watch Dr. Phil back then; he said one thing that stuck with me that changed how I relate to contractors.  He said a negotiation is give and take, each party gives something and each party gets something.  Until hearing that I never thought I was due anything in negotiation; I had always just wanted to get through it without too much bleeding.  Once I understood the give and take I was much bolder in pushing for my part and knowing what I could release.
I was in meeting this week with political officials. There is one local official that runs on too much and doesn’t listen.  After the meeting my boss came over and said “you are his worst nightmare!” What did I do? I corrected the mis-information he was spreading around the meeting.  I gave him facts over his assumptions.  Then, as he continued to speak off topic, I shut up.
I went into this meeting prepared with lots of support.  I had my Angels all lined up to keep me in order.
Angels are my thing right now thanks to Doreen.  I’ve been using some of her meditations in the morning to prepare for my day and bring me into alignment.  It is wonderful to be reassured of all the support that is around us.  The other day she used the phrase ‘divine confidence’ in one of her affirmations.  It really stuck with me because I have been looking for a term to call this strength that I feel.
I know this is a slippery slope. I watch and try to catch myself so I don’t go too far and let my ego take over.  It is not my intension to ever be hurtful or unkind. I have large responsibilities so I want my work to be respected and my opinion to matter. But, I know that I can get stuck on a perception that may need to be opened up broader like when I have missed an issue or don’t understand the impacts my work has on others.
This is where the praying helps. I rely heavily on the Holy Spirit, Angels, my guides, whoever it is that is putting the thoughts in my head to look at something differently or to just shut up.
I had another meeting this week with a contractor reviewing invoices. I was prepared with receipts and pay rolls to support my point of being overbilled.  This contractor is someone I have worked with for years so we have a good relationship. As we were finishing up he said to me, “I guess you’ll be celebrating all the back to your office now”.  I was surprised to find out that he felt he wasn’t coming away from our negotiation with any gains.  I told him my understanding of ‘negotiate’ as I mentioned above. I realized that I had a couple other items on my list that I didn’t bring up, I was going to argue the cost of these as well but had decided to leave them alone as the meeting progressed (I guess I realized too that I had the upper hand). I told him of these items.  I hope that he felt comfortable with our negotiation as he left as I did.
Do I want to say “I am tough” and identify with that? No
I can say ‘I act tough’ which sounds a bit better but instead I think I will say of myself,
“I act with divine confidence!”
“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~ Dalai Lama

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