Sunday 5-3-15 Holy Mother.

“Holy Mother, hear my prayer, somehow I know you’re still there.  Send me please some peace of mind; take away this pain.” ~ Eric Clapton

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday morning I was out in the garden continuing my spring cleaning.  The shade gardens of my back yard were still filled with leaves from last autumn.  As I moved around, bending, lifting, pulling, I was pleased to be making a physical connection with Holy Mother Earth.
I have written how in my meditations I connect with our Mother. The unity meditation validated for me that the connection is true as I experienced it physically.  So yesterday I was happy to be physically connected without the separation of two floors of a building between us.
… being and doing.
My mind moved to the male and female aspects of all things.  I was reveling in the female aspect of beingness, appreciating the beauty of nature around me, as I ignored that I was doing what needed to be done as keeper of the garden.
Living as I do in an urban town, being outside always returns my mind to religion as each hour three churches mark the hour with bells and hymns. The bells sent my mind to judgement of the Catholic Church again. The resentment rose up as I thought about 2000 years of male dominance in the Church. Fortunately, my mind was quick to bring me another perspective.  I thought of nuns, and others who lived lives of prayer.  The beingness was there as well.  (Perhaps that is why we are all still here today!)
I do understand that aspect of male and female energy exists in all things and are not just linked to women and men. It is very easy for my ego to want to get worked up in an ‘us and them’ argument but I know the true path to peace is in embracing both aspects of ‘All That Is’.
I just re-read my blog of 9-8-13.  In this writing I came to understand that the authentic life, having peace of mind and heart, is when yin and yang are in balance.
Do I think the Catholic Church was or is in balance? No. I pray that it, like all human organizations, is moving in that direction.  Empathy is on the rise.  The world is getting smaller so we have more opportunity to interact with types of people we would never have met in the past.  Our experiences are building and we are learning that we are more the same then different.
We can be strong and loving.  All power comes from God and God is Love.
I am remembering my algebra now so if I extend using the transitive theory … power comes from LOVE!
I already know that to be true!
There is power in those that pray for the well-being of others.  There is power in those who hold Love in their hearts.  There is power in those who choose happiness over fear and worry.  These people bring comfort and soothing to those who are around them allowing growth to continue.
Just like our beautiful Earth mother. She shows us the well-being that continues even after the tragedy and destruction.  The grass grows, the flowers bloom, and the trees take root. Beauty returns.
The well-being is always there if we choose to see it and be with it.
Thank you Mother.
Happy Spring!
“A man with a perfectly stilled, comforted, and rested mind will at once raise up another who is going through distress, or restlessness, or pain, or ill-temper, or worry, or anxiety. The very presence of one whose mind is stilled gives such hope, such inspiration, such sympathy, such power and life. All the heavenly properties flow so smoothly and freely from the person whose mind is stilled that his words, his voice, his presence, all react upon the mind of others; and as he stills his mind, so his very presence becomes healing.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

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