Sunday 4-19-15 Happy you.

Lights will guide you home; And ignite your bones; And I will try to fix you.” ~ Coldplay
So I have a question this morning for my guides.  Am I responsible for making someone else happy?
Where is this question coming from?  First, I am worried because Mom is not happy in the Long Term Care facility we put her in.  (That is in the politically correct term, it is a nursing home no matter what you call it and how nice the décor.)
Second, my husband is distant because he asked me to change a behavior of mine because it bugs him.  He called me selfish, like usual.  I pointed out to him that his expectation of the need for me to change was selfish on his part.
So back to my question … am I responsible for their happiness?
Short answer is … no.
I know they have their own journeys as I have mine.
Do I expect others to make me happy?
We’ll put Peter aside for now as our relationship is special.  Others, I would say no.  I don’t rely on anyone to be the source of my happiness.  I learned that lesson well.
Happiness is a choice you make within.  You use both your mind and your heart.  Your mind becomes the seeker of well-being, goodness, and in its simplest form, beauty.
I use my mind to find and list the things in my life to be grateful for.  There is so much well-being to be found when you start looking.  This makes me happy.
My mind makes me aware of the good acts, little words or actions by others that I observe that show me the World is moving forward well.  This makes me happy.
And, when I am struggling to find my way back to happiness, there is always the simple beauty of nature to remind me that I am part of the beauty and goodness of All That Is.  This makes me happy.
My heart is my connection to the well-being of the Universe.  I just have to open my heart to feel the joy in All That Is.
This is my POWER! So why am I not aware that this POWER is also within everyone else?
Ah-HA!  This is where my selfishness lies.  I think I have to do it all.  I think I am responsible to do it all.  I think I am capable to do it all.  I cannot.
I had taken a break in this writing to listen to Joel this morning.  His message of ‘unexpected sunshine’ was uplifting but my attention was more on these questions I am asking this Sunday morning.  This is where the breakthrough came – Joel was showing me how he empowers others to use their power.  He is blessed by knowing that we all have God within us.  He says it all the time when he tells a story of someone turning away from God but God hadn’t turned away from the person.
This is where my selfishness lies.
Peter may call me selfish because I don’t leave the faucet like he wants. His saying I’m selfish doesn’t disturb me anymore as, if it means being selfish to decide not to make faucets important in my life, then so be it.  But that does not mean I don’t file away in my mind that there is probably a bigger lesson for me to reflect on because my mirror, my husband, my lover and friend, is giving me a message to decipher from my higher Self.
Hazrat Khan’s daily messages lately have been speaking about releasing the self to become selfless.  I want that.
I know I am not selfless so I suppose that does make me selfish.  I understand that selflessness is related to seeing God in everyone and being able to accept everyone is just as they are meant to be in this moment.
There is no good or bad, right or wrong.
We are all on our own journey so acceptance of each person’s place along the path is a sign of understanding that we are all part of an evolving whole, Oneness.
My lesson for today is to recognize that everyone has God Power within just as I do.  No, I cannot make my loved ones happy but I can honor the power that is within them.  My words and my actions can hold the intent of empowerment so they, themselves, can choose to use their own power to rise up to receive all the gifts they have to offer.
I don’t have to fix you.  I just have to bring to you my own awareness that you don’t need fixing, that you are whole and have everything you want; it’s right there within you where God placed it.
Namaste’ – the light in me honors the light in you.
 “If your eye is pure, there will be sunshine in your soul.” Matthew 6:22

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