Sunday 4-5-15 I feel good!

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter!

At least I hope you had both.  I am making a confession that I am writing on Monday.  I decided to not put any pressure on myself to have to write the blog when I was having a house full of company for Easter.  Also, my main focus is still on my book which is flowing so well.
Each day I write I am amazed by how the story just keeps evolving to capture the many lessons I have learned over the last couple of years.  The story started years ago as a western romance.  I put it down for a long time while I was growing and evolving.  Now the story has become a medium in which the lessons life has to teach us just reveal themselves in the characters that I have created.
I feel good.
I am a creator.
So I am writing a novel: a spiritual, a western, a romance … a spirance!  Whatever it is it is fun!
Easter was a joy.  I asked the Holy Spirit for support to stay open, giving, energized, and kind.  I waivered a couple of times during preparations with my family but no fights.  Thanks HS!
Thank you Jesus for just being there ready to lift my heart.
Thank you mother Earth for your beauty and your bounty.
Thank you for my family who came to enjoy the day with us.
Thank you for the crazy woo-woo after dinner conversation that seems to be becoming the norm.  What fun that such things are becoming main-stream. I love it!
Thanks to Joel for his uplifting sermon to start my day and remind me ‘its not over’.  He meant it in the context of when bad things are happening that the good will come in the form of ‘resurrection power’.  This lovely day I am thinking ‘it’s not over’ regarding the good feelings I am having.
Spring has sprung.  Pussy cats are out in the garden smiling.  Flowers are rising from the cold ground to take in the sunshine.
“Christ the Lord has risen today!” This day and every day.
All is well.
And, I feel good.

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