Sunday 3-22-15 Overlook

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~ Albert Einstein

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday night Peter came in late while I was watching TV.  He told me it was a tough week and he was obviously upset by the difficult lives on some of his clients.  He expressed this as a moment of tears and frustration at me.  I tried to show my interest by saying it was good that these people were now seeking help.  His response was defensive.  I chose to be quiet as I didn’t know how else to show my support.  He jumped up and left the room for a while.  When he returned I held his hand.
I was still thinking about this Thursday morning so I asked directly for guidance on what to do in those situations with him.  I want to be the support for him so he can be renewed  and able to do the wonderful work he has chosen to do.  So I asked my guide (Jesus) what to say when he needs support.  I was given the response ‘nothing’.  So I asked what I should do and I was told to hug him.  This response felt right and I was glad that I had held his hand the night before, hoping that perhaps I was able to give him a little of what he really needed.
Thursday night I found myself agitated, perhaps just my own build-up of stresses from work that I brought home with me.  Peter came to bed early while I was trying to write so I am sure I was sending off some bad vibrations his way.  I am grateful that I recognize my moods these days, so I shut down my computer and laid down for sleep.
I decided to meditate to try to relax and improve my mood.  I have been avoiding my heart meditation the last week. I think now it is the human trait of fear and denial of what is good.  So I brought my focus down into my heart and I quickly entered my castle garden.
I felt an urgency to enter into the castle building so I focused toward in and it rose tall and shiny like a Cinderella castle instead of a low stone medieval castle like in the past visits.  Part of me felt rushed to get inside but another felt the need to bow down in homage to God for the encounter that was about to happen.  It was a push-pull effort to try to bow when my stronger self was pulling me down into the ground.  My mind release resistance and we travelled under the castle walls and back into my golden room.
The room was beautiful and light as always. I stood near the back right corner and wanted to just stand there and meditate but I became aware of a stone winding staircase in that nearby corner.  I climbed up the stairs to a landing that had a stone window seat near a large paladin window that looked out over green fields and blue sky.
As I sat looking at the view a figure joined me.  I was a skeletal figure that seemed to pull out from me but was attached to me at the hip.  Thin grey skin just covering the bones of the face is what I saw.  I came to know this being as indifference.  This is a part of me that I have chosen in the past and can still chose now if I want.  The image of indifference showed me that there is no life force in this choice.
This is all significant to me for where I am in my journey.  I know that I am at a place of understanding that there is good and bad in all.  Or, another way to think is that everything just is and we place our opinions and judgements on it.
I realize that it could be very easy for me to become indifferent with the awareness of duality because I won’t hold a strong feeling of anger or hate toward a killer and I may not show strong feelings of admiration for a humanitarian.  (My hope is that I can find strong Love for all.)
On Friday, Hazrat Khan brought just the message to further explain to me how to move in this state of ‘isness’ and still reflect compassion.  Hazrat speaks of ‘overlooking’.
“There is a tendency which manifests itself and grows in a person who is advancing spiritually, and that tendency is overlooking. At times this tendency might appear as negligence, but in reality negligence is not necessarily overlooking. Negligence is most often not looking. Overlooking may be called in other words rising beyond these things: one has to rise in order to overlook; the one who stands beneath life could not overlook, even if he wanted to. Overlooking is a manner of graciousness; it is looking and at the same time not looking. It is seeing and not taking notice of what is seen. It is being hurt or harmed or disturbed by something and yet not minding it. It is an attribute of nobleness of nature. It is the sign of souls who are tuned to a higher key.”
Hazrat Khan gave another thought on this that I could see following ‘law of attraction’.
“The aim of the Sufi, therefore, is to see and yet not be interested. … Those who trouble about others’ thoughts and interest themselves in others’ actions most often lose their time and blunt their inner sight. Those who go farther, their moral is to overlook all they see on their way, as their mind is fixed on the goal. … The best thing is to see and rise above, never to halt on the way, and it is this attitude that, if constantly practiced, will lead man safely to his soul’s desired goal.”
I think that when I see the struggle in others I am to see that it is there and accept it. It deserves my awareness and acceptance but that is all.  If I start labelling it as injustice, bad luck, pain, horror, then I am pushing against it and will cause greater negative issues to manifest.
What you resist, persists.
So, overlooking to me means to see and understand that good and bad comes, and to not judge.  I know all is well with all in the Universe so I can overlook it all.  Not overlook meaning indifference but overlook meaning to see the broader view of well-being and offer that vibration to those I encounter.
Let the Grace flow through me Lord!
“When the mind is silent, you can listen to your heart and remember that everything is Love and that you are that Love.” ~ Human Angels 

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