Sunday 3-8-15 Oneness

“We lose in order to find. We forget in order to remember. We die a death in the ego in order to be reborn in the Oneness, until the end of all our duality, until we become Human Angels: aware, compassionate messengers of Love in service to the Oneness.”
Human Angels
Happy Sunday!
Last weekend I got into one of those conversations that stirs up my ego.  We were speaking of Jesus and I was told the usual statement that gets me going – ‘no man gets to the Father but through me’. This bothered me last May as I wrote in my blog ‘God’s Pets’ and it still does.  In the conversation I recently had I argued that Jesus is the example and that we are all God. I was left feeling un-satisfied as I was not heard or understood.
It was last year that I re-united with Jesus so I turned to my blog (5-11-14) to re-read my lessons.  In the lesson I asked Jesus ‘why is he more special than me’ and his response was that he was not.  On this day I had a beautiful ‘born again’ moment, realizing the awesome connection I have with Jesus.  But returning again into my awareness was the bible quote that gets me stirred up.
I spent most of the week with the thought in my mind of the quote ‘the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon itself’ as taught by the Buddha.
I felt the other person was mis-understanding Jesus, with this quote from Buddha I could teach him so. Jesus is the finger pointing the way to the Father and not God himself (of course he is as we all are God).
I had a nice experience at the bar Friday night that I see as part of the lesson I am to learn this week.  There was a large party that I realized was a bridal party at a rehearsal dinner.  The bride and groom were not young and beautiful like in a magazine, they were 30-something and overweight – more so the bride. The party was at least 20 people and I noticed all but one of the women at the table was overweight and the men seemed average to thin build.  I caught myself having negative feelings for the group because of the women being overweight.
But, I then thought that perhaps I was seeing it wrong.  I remembered how I don’t like Mom’s reactions to overweight people – so how could I see this differently.  I thought it might be a culture within this family that works for them.  Perhaps the men like their women heavy; maybe they are more comfortable with that.  (It could work in a jealous man to want a heavy woman to feel more comfortable and less worried in the relationship.)  I let positive feelings come over me so I could send those to the party instead of the negative judgements I previously had.  I took a moment to close my eyes and to see each person as a shining light.  I saw couples whose lights were joined, children’s shining lights, and dimmer lights from adults who seemed to be shut down from the festivities.  I thought that this is moving toward seeing Oneness.
This morning I was thinking about Jesus as the finger pointing again and wanted to write about this for my Sunday blog when I became aware that my emotions were not feeling good.  I was out of alignment but why?  What was I not understanding correctly?
I started asking questions of my guru Jesus and I received answers.
“Are you the way?”
“Yes.” I held onto that response to compare it to the feelings I was holding about Jesus as the way.  This thought felt good, better than the struggle within of thinking he is not.
“What about the other spiritual faiths?”
“They get there.” I thought of the yogis that I admire – they do seem to know and love Jesus for his teachings.
“What about before you?” I was asking about history before the time of Jesus.
“It was different.”
I thought about the great societies that I believe existed before our recorded history: Atlantic, Lemuria, Ur.  They all failed leaving little to no trace behind.
Was there really was a change in the world with Jesus?
Later I was resting, preparing to meditate when the thought came to me “go back”.  Each day I feel more confident in my intuitive abilities so I thought why not take a little trip back in time?
I meditated and had a vision of going back in time.  I returned from this vision with the message that what Jesus brought to the current age was Love: someone who could see through the eyes of Love to make the world aware of the possibility of Oneness.
“There is no greater teacher of morals than love itself, for the first lesson that one learns from love is, ‘I am not, you are’.” Hazrat Khan
Hazrat Khan’s message today confused me as the path for me has been through self-awareness.  The more I have sought to understand my own good and bad traits the more I have been able to accept others.
“Love accomplishes its work when it spreads its wings and veils man’s self from his own eyes. That is the time when love is fulfilled, and so it is in the life of the holy ones who have not only loved God by professing or showing it, but who have loved God to the extent that they forgot themselves.” ~ Hazrat Khan
Is it in knowing that God is everything and ‘all are One’ that Love really is?
I like to use my own body as an analogy for Oneness, it helps me to understand a system working in Oneness. Does an individual cell in my body have concern for its own well-being or does it just perform its role (its purpose) for the wholeness of my body?  I hope that it is fulfilling its purpose as I know that we call those cells that do their own thing cancer.
If I extend the idea of the cell up to the human individual as part of the whole of humanity on Earth, I wonder if this is the driving engine for those on the spiritual path to learn purpose?  Perhaps knowing one’s purpose will release the struggle to preserve self and allow us to live what we came here to do.  Then we can Love as we were meant to.
The blood cell can Love the muscle by bringing the energy it needs.  The nerve cell can Love the leg by bringing the impulses it needs to move.  Is this true Love?  Just being what you came to be. And, no need to think of self when you are just being.
This is really Love?  Not some difficult thing to find or develop – just beingness!  Like the Sun loves the Earth!
OK, can I bring this back to Jesus?
“Love one another as I have loved you.”  How did he love us?
He saw past these clothes we wear as humans, past our defects, race, class, gender, or sin (self-inflicted nonsense) to our true lights.  He told the leper to pick up his mat and go like he was saying ‘enough of this – go do what you are meant to do’.  I think Jesus was saying to return to your part in the well-being of the whole.
“And the third stage (of Love) is different again. In the third stage the Beloved becomes the Self, and the self is there no more. For then the self, as we think it to be, no longer remains. The self becomes what it really is. It is that realization which is called Self-realization.” ~ Hazrat Khan
Silly me, I thought Self-realization was self-realization.  Have I just learned that when we realize our role in All That Is we come to identify with All That Is?  That real Love is knowing (and seeing) others (and everything) for their place in All That Is!
I had some amazing experiences these last few days but now I must ask “is there a change in me?”  Do I believe Jesus is the way? My heart tells me I am still not in alignment on this.
What about cultures such as the Native Americans?  They seemed to have lived lives in harmony with the Earth and one another before any introduction to Jesus.  They recognized the sacred in everything that surrounded them.
Did they live understanding the Oneness of all things?  I think so.
And Jesus saw the Oneness of all.
Perhaps Jesus’ way is the Way.  He was saying the Way to the Father is through the Way that I teach, that is by recognizing the sacred in all man. (That feels better in my heart.)
Deepak has a PSB show on this week, “The Future of God”.  He bases his hypothesis for God on one fact; we all come from the same Source. We are all the same, all sacred, all joined together to form one body in All That Is.
Things are getting good!  (I am enjoying it even if I am heading down the woo-woo path).
Everything is always working out for me!
“God speaks to everyone, not only to the messengers and teachers. He speaks to the ears of every heart, but it is not every heart which hears it. His voice is louder than the thunder, and His light is clearer than the sun — if one could only see it, if one could only hear it. In order to see it and in order to hear it man should remove this wall, this barrier which he has made of the self. Then he becomes the flute upon which the divine Player may play the music of Orpheus which can charm even the hearts of stone; then he rises from the cross into the life everlasting.” ~ Hazrat Khan

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