Sunday 3-1-15 Something!

“You’ve got to get up every morning, With a smile in your face, And show the world all the love in your heart. Then people gonna treat you better, You’re gonna find, yes you will, That you’re beautiful, as you feel.” ~ Carole King

Happy Sunday!

I was watching Super Soul Sunday this afternoon; Oprah was interviewing Sister Joan Chittister.  I enjoyed being introduced to another author and spiritual teacher. I liked that Sister Joan was direct and to the point on many issues.  I loved her views on society relative to the role of women – she asked how the mind of humanity could function with just half a brain, half the ideas, and half the solutions. It makes sense when she points out that the female aspect of the culture has been missing so everything is out of balance (no yin and yang).
Then she said something that touched a nerve with me; she told how she was recently asked by a group of young women what they can do about the state of the world.  Sister Joan answered “Something”.
Am I doing something?
Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.
I was pleased with a situation that happened at work earlier this week.  My boss and I had a meeting with an ego-centric engineer who was doing a design for us.  We tried to critique his work to get him to understand his errors in meeting engineering standards.  The meeting ended poorly with quite a bit of yelling and this engineer leaving without any of the materials I wanted him to take.  Rather than focusing on the stress of the meeting and how to solve the problem, I took the time over last weekend to try to see things from his side.  I remembered my own struggles with accepting the changes the difficult regulations imparted on us.  I recognized how the impact of his possible failure meant loss of his livelihood where for me it would just be a minor mistake if I was wrong.  I found empathy.
When I next met with my boss he was still hot over the outcome of the meeting.  I spoke about how I thought we could move the project forward and he was very negative about giving any assistance.  He wanted to know why I was so willing to help.  I told him that it is my intention to always do my best (Four Agreements).
The lighter, more open intention seems to have alleviated the struggle of the situation.  My boss has made several jokes since we met about our new kinder methods. And, as for the engineer, he seems to be asking questions that tell me that his mind is opening to the new standards he needs to implement.
Why did this work so well?  Because, I didn’t stress over the situation for days afterward and, I took the time to look at the situation from another perspective.  This was a lesson from ACIM, to ask for how to see the problem differently.
I also asked for help.  On the drive into work I asked to read the email from the engineer with an open heart to understand what might actually be wanted behind the disguise of ego.  I also asked the Holy Spirit to help as I met with my boss because I didn’t want my own reactions to come from ego. And, oh-boy, did the Holy Spirit come through.  I felt my words and sentiments of compassion were well expressed.
I want to remember to ask for help all of the time!
I feel good most of the time so I start thinking that I am in alignment.  I just question if that is true or if ego still takes over when my words flow as I recognize that most of the time my words don’t seem to be received well. I find that it usually with those that I love that my words don’t seem to help them when they are hurting or when I want them to understand my point of view.  Why is that?
When I am in alignment (guided, Graced, inspired, etc.) there is a confidence and the words just come.  This then gives me more confidence to just let words come always, to follow the inspiration that brings them to my mind.
Why is there not the same effectiveness?
You know this, Tricia!
Is my intention behind the words to help another, to be more open and Loving, or is it to make me feel better and boost my ego?  This is the big difference and this is why there is so much effect when asking for support of the Holy Spirit.  The prayer brings focus to the intention, to clarify the thought behind the action, to give it a chance to developed to serve the other as well as me.  Perhaps this allows the thought to move from the mind to the heart! (Therefore greater creation!)
I wonder quite often what it is that I am to supposed to be doing to serve others – is going through life with the intention to learn to “Love Well” enough?  As the lessons keep coming it makes me think I am doing OK and that I am where I need to be.  And, I know from past experience that if I am to do more God will clearly let me know.
I was driving in the car today and Carole King’s ‘Beautiful’ was playing.  It reminded me of how much I loved this song when I was a little girl.  There it is, starting each day with the good intention to “show the world all the Love in your heart”.
Now that really is something!
 “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.  Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” ~ Jesus (John 4:7-8)

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