Sunday 2-15-15 Bask in it!

“Bask in it!” ~ Abraham

 Happy Sunday!

I was just listening to Abraham go on a rampage of well-being.  An audience member was asking how to see Abraham so the he could know Source was real.  Abraham clarified for him that it wasn’t seeing he wanted but knowing, which comes from applying what is learned and then experiencing the results.
Abraham’s rampage of words, ‘generally’ expressing all that is good for the man, ended with the acknowledgement that a lot of words were used “or you could just pet your cat to get there”. : )
Abraham’s point was that you will know your Source is real from feeling resonance within yourself.  Getting general with thoughts of well-being right now is how you get there.
Abraham taught that the true way to know that Source is real is when you feel your greatest pain.  Your emotions could not provide such strong dissonance if Source was not present, bringing to you strong vibrations of well-being and Love.
I understand this today as last week Abraham taught me the following about aligning with Source:

Desire is vibration from soul/heart – belief is vibration from mind.  Emotion is where the two intersect.  Therefore, when the vibrations are in conflict with one another we feel negative emotion and when they align we feel good.  This is how our emotional guidance system works.  Source is trying to guide us to the best path to manifest the things we truly want.

I am feeling good today, this after a week of doubt, questioning, and trying to understand my emotional guidance.  The family’s endeavour for Mom brought me many uncomfortable feelings.  I appreciate the new awareness that Abraham has provided me; it helps me to be more reflective on my emotions so that I question what my actual intent might be behind the thoughts that come that don’t feel so good.
There were opinions I offered this week that the others didn’t agree with making me feel hurt.  I took the time to journal about the negative feelings which helped me to realize that my expectation of acceptance was just based on intensions to serve my ego.  I am grateful for this new tool of being able to recognize that my uncomfortable emotions are of service to me.  My negative emotions aid me by getting me to focus my intention and clear away ego and wrong beliefs.
(Another gift from the Gods as I continue my hero’s journey!)
“Things are always working out for me!”
I am so grateful for this life, for the wonderful people I share it with, for my body, for my spirit, for the swelling of energy I feel when alignment comes.
“God is nearer to us than our mind and our body, because He is that life in which as is said in the Bible, we live and move and have our being.” ~ Hazrat Khan

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