Sunday 2-8-15 Accidental Hero

“It seems to have had an order, to have been composed by someone, and those events that were merely accidental when they happened turn out to be the main elements in a consistent plot. Who composed this plot? Just as your dreams are composed, so your whole life has been composed by the will within you. Just as the people who you met by chance became effective agents in the structuring of your life, so you have been the agent in the structuring of other lives. And the whole thing gears together like one big symphony, everything influencing and structuring everything else. It’s as though our lives were the dream of a single dreamer in which all of the dream characters are dreaming too. And so everything links to everything else moved out of the will in nature…It is as though there were an intention behind it yet it is all by chance. None of us lives the life that he had intended.” Joseph Campbell

Happy Sunday!

I have been asking my Self whether all humans must move through the same stages into awareness.  The bible speaks of the transition often and has a word for it – salvation!  From this, and lessons of spiritual teachers everywhere, an awareness or awakening seems to be a necessary part of the journey for all.  But, I am thinking that there are people who just seem to succeed in creation without a big breakthrough of becoming aware of their own spirituality.
In recent months I have learned to cut the ego a break and not see it as a negative aspect of myself.  It is a tool that has aided me in my life thus far and, now that I am aware of my internal eternal self, I know to reflect on when the ego serves me and when it doesn’t.
It just seems to me that there are some people who have strong egos and don’t proclaim a spiritual path who are doing good in the world.
Can the ego unwittingly serve humanity?
I like to think of my own journey as a typical one.  I see my old self as blinded by the messages my ego told to me each day.  I was full of fear and doubt coming from the basic belief that I was not worthy.  Not worthy of knowledge, understanding, love, happiness, acceptance, all the big stuff.
So what if a person comes to Earth already knowing they are worthy of all, will they innately function as an enlightened person?  And, can this happen even if they don’t believe in God?
I do believe that if you feel you are worthy of Love and acceptance that you will know how to give this to others.
I think a person with a strong ego, developed in an environment of right doing, could perform great services to humanity.  The ego could be a great tool when being the driving force for motivation to service. Perhaps even if motivations are due to selfish reasons like wanting perfection, or even from competition of wanting to surpass another humanitarian.
From my perspective, I attribute inspiration as guidance that comes from Source that I currently feel is separate from my conscious self.  Perhaps a great accidental hero would perceive inspiration as part of them and be more inclined to follow right guidance as their own best ideas instead of thinking of it as coming from a source greater then themselves.
If you had no self-doubt you could just accept that inner voice as good advice from your own mind.  There would be no need for evaluation of true self and false self, heart and head, ego and soul.  You could just trust your Self.
I like that my path has given me the appreciation of both Self and Source.  These reflections help me to consider that there may be another way to live in alignment within one’s Self. And yet, there is a stirring of excitement when I consider this accidental hero of my generation.  Perhaps he is a sign of what is to come for our decendents.  To be born and live with self-confidence to know and accept your inner guidance system will mean peace and greatness for those generations yet to come.
I just hope this path of the accidental hero can also can bring a person to recognition of God, All That Is, his Source.  I am curious to learn how one gets to recognize their part of the Oneness from this place of Self-awareness.
Things are always working out for me!
Joy is my purpose.
I am grateful for the people in my life.
“The purpose of our life on earth is to come and see all the distinctions and all the differences, but not to be congested by them and so to be thrown downwards. We should go on rising above them all, at the same time experiencing them all. For instance a man may say, ‘I have never thought about anyone who has done me any good, and I have never considered any harm that has ever come to me from anyone; I have always had just that one idea before me and after that idea I kept going’. He may be advanced, he may be spiritual, he may be pious, and yet he has missed a great deal. But the one who has received all the good that has come to him with grateful thanks and felt it, and who has also felt the harm done to him and forgiven and pardoned it, he is the one who has seen the world and is going beyond with success.” ~ Hazrat Khan

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