Sunday 2-1-15 First Chakra

“The energy of our first chakra is meant to ground us, to make us feel we are part of the grand Universe of life but also inextricably connected to the physical dimension of life.” ~ Caroline Myss, The First Chakra, pg. 195, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can

Happy Sunday!

There was a lesson from pain this week.  Severe back pain had me laid up in bed, my body laid low but my spirit remained high.  From this I was brought to focus on part of myself that I was lacking acceptance with.
I put my back out shovelling on Tuesday.  On Friday morning, after having been off from work since with severe pain I followed some inspiration to heal.  I felt since the last evening that things were improving but still knew I could not go to work this Friday, as I could not sit without pain.  I ate my breakfast at the kitchen table thinking that the firm wooden chair would be good but still I was in pain.  When I returned to bed to lie down I had the thought to find a guided meditation on the first chakra.
Chakras are once again in my awareness as I am currently reading Caroline Myss, the book that the quote above comes from.  Caroline states that lower back is related to the first chakra, blockages of energy flow.  Also Dr. Oz had a segment Thursday regarding chakras and the doctor who spoke said back pain was related to colon health so take fiber to keep things well – both were first chakra ailments.
I knew I needed help with focusing on first chakra healing so I searched and found a 20 minute healing meditation for first chakra so I got comfy lying in my bed to listen.
First the narrator spoke to explain the 7 chakras to which I thought ‘yeah I know all this stuff’.  Then he said to focus on the location of the first chakra that it is between the anus and the genitals.  I realized that I had never really pin pointed the location for this chakra before – I was happy for the new information.
I focused on the location as directed and opened to the vibration of the meditation.  I liked that it was chanting with the mantra ‘LUM’.  I let the vibration travel through my body and felt it from head to toe but especially in my legs, back, and rectum.  I felt heat go into my back.
I freed my mind to flow where the vibrations took it.  I started visioning that the vibrations were opening up the atoms of my physical self to move everything around.  I envisioned my abdomen spinning freely, all the cells in a whirlpool of freedom.
I came to realize that I had been ignoring this energy source into myself.  Perhaps this is why I have the colon issues?
Knowing first chakra is about being grounded, connection to tribe, I started to reflect on all that I had not been releasing of my past with regard to connection to family, society, and the Earth. I think that I have been rejecting those physical ties that are part of me that connect me to this physical plain.  I like to reject doctrines, laws, and traditions of my upbringing thinking of them negatively as I feel they are part of what was holding me back from connecting to my true self for so many years.
I felt like that I experienced a life review.  A stream of colors and images flew past in my right peripheral vision.  I could not focus on any individual event as it moved too fast but I felt that was what it was and it was all a part of me.
I came to a place of gratitude for all the things I learned along the way that brought me to where I am today.  For all of those people that I interacted with that I felt never gave me what I wanted I realized that their intentions toward me were always loving and wanting the best for me.
As I meditated and reflected I became uncomfortable and felt I had to shift my hips.  I did so and felt my back release, like space just opened up between the spine, nerves, muscles, whatever that stuff is back there.
I took me a while to recover from this meditation.  I found I needed to rest and that a fetal position on my side was best.  I was surprised I could curl my back up.  Later, when I felt present and very energized, I got up and found the sharp pain in my back was gone, I just had the aching around my hips and fringe of the injured area like I would have after a hard yoga workout.
From this experience I have a new appreciation that I am both a physical and spiritual being blessed to come to Earth for this opportunity to evolve.  I have enjoyed the last couple of years of getting to know my spiritual side and learning to soar.  I have been sensing that I was becoming way too woo-woo with my focus only on betterment of the spirit and upper chakra energies.  I am grateful for the reminder to focus downward as well.
Now that I have come to this awareness I find the experience as validation for teachings of Abraham where they like to emphasize to us humans that we are cutting-edge and blessed for making the choice to manifest as physical beings. We should appreciate our physical-ness as part of the spiritual journey – it is a miracle.  We chose to be physical to be leaders in moving through the physical world of duality for the evolutionary benefit of ourselves and All That Is!
“I connect to all that is in my life.  I am filled with the energy of gratitude, and I am allowing that energy to flow with all its strength through my physical and spiritual body.” ~ Caroline Myss, The First Chakra, pg. 197, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can

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