Sunday 1-18-15 The good and the joyful.

“When the divine vision is attained, all appear equal; and there remains no distinction of good and bad, or of high and low.”  ~ Ramakrishna

Happy Sunday!

I just read over the last three weeks of blogs to reflect on my development in accepting both good and bad in life.  I think I have made good progress; my lessons have been profound in moving me toward greater and greater acceptance of what is.
There is good to be found in all of the bad.  Does that mean there is also bad to be found in the good?
I know with that last question that I am using judgmental words – they just seem to flow well.  I am feeling melancholy today so I am asking the question will joy also be less in this awareness of ‘all is well”?
There have been some good things that have happened this week.  I got a promotion.  We bought a new car.  I do feel proud of myself for accomplishing the promotion – I’ve done well for myself.  But, there have just been these negative thoughts about others I know not being offered promotion.  As for the car, it is nice to have the change but there are many negative thoughts about additional expenses and all the good attributes of the old car that are now gone.
Perhaps there will be less joy going forward? At least that is my thought when it comes to feeling positive about physical things.  Money and objects are just not going to make me feel good – at least not when I compare them with the feelings of joy that I get from soul awareness-es.
Joy is abundant.
I just spent a few moments thinking about when I have felt joyful in the last few days.  My vibration is lifting as I now think of all the good that I have noticed manifesting in my life and also in the world.  The joy comes when I get glimpses of change – thoughts of ‘oh, there is a spiritual person’ or ‘there is a sign of change in the world’.
I am joyful when I recognize my family growing and lifting themselves up.  There are those who are struggling but I think I understand better now that it is part of their journey and it is needed for them to break through to their true selves.
I am joyful when I see the world changing.  There are more and more individuals I see on TV and in the news who are living the change.
There are signs everywhere.
The other day at the bar the show “Shark Tank” was on the TV – with captions on.  It caught my attention as I was eating dinner because a young man came on the TV wearing a very empowering tee shirt.  He was on the show with a proposal for selling tee shirts with positive quotes on the shirts.  The young man was a business student as well as obviously a positive spiritual person.  One of the sharks was negative in giving him a hard time ridiculing him as a business major coming forward with such a poor product idea.  After the student left one of the sharks defended the student to the sterner one trying to point out the positive nature of the student would also serve him.  I turned to Peter to express my joy in seeing this play out on TV.
At a meeting at work last week one of the women complained about one of our co-workers being negative and that he brings down her karma.  I joked that next we will have discrimination laws in the workplace for positive people discriminated against negative.  ; )
Our language has changed.  Society is recognizing the spiritual side within us all.  I cannot count how many times I have heard the terms creator and manifestation used in the last few days.
The change is upon us.
And there is a change in me.  I think I am on the threshold of awareness of Oneness.  My mind is getting quicker in my exercises of contemplating ‘the good in the bad’ and ‘the bad in the good’ and realizing we are all the same, striving for the same things. This, I think, is how to live in compassion.
Melancholy was the wrong word – it is more a steadiness surrounded by peacefulness.
Joy is my purpose.
“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you MLK.

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