Sunday 1-11-15 Big dreams!

“Once you have given up your limited self willingly to the Unlimited, you will rejoice so much in that consciousness that you will not care to be small again.” ~ Bowl of Saki, November 28, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Happy Sunday!

I decided earlier this week that I want some money – enough money to help my Mom out.  This is big money.
I was driving into work listening to the song ‘Superman’ by ‘Five for Fighting’ and the line “heros have the right to dream” just struck me.
Yes, you can be here to do good in the world and also ask for something for yourself as well!” I thought to myself.  I felt good, so much lighter, like a weight had been lifted.
What was that weight that I was shedding?
It related to several beliefs I hold.  One, that money isn’t that important to me for me to have to ask for it.  I think I am almost snobbish in this belief of not wanting to know or speak about money, it should always be there.  God (or Peter) will always provide.
Also, restricting my dreaming ability are some of the big spiritual truths:  ‘all is well’, ‘there is only now’, and general thoughts of acceptance of all things.  There is truth in all of these but I hold this smallness over all these ideas as I consider my own life.  I have a fear of thinking big because, I am nervous to say it, I may end up disappointed in God.
The weight that was lifting was my releasing of the limits I put on Source.
Why not dream? It is fun, creative, and a journey of imagination.  I thought about Abraham saying to find something that makes you happy – to think of it as a tool to raise your energy back up into alignment.  I want dreaming to be that fun uplifting act for me.  I want to feel free to dream of what I want without any fears of feeling hurt when the dream doesn’t come true.
I am wobbling.  I am telling myself I want to enjoy the dream for the good time I can have experiencing the dream but there is always the what if …
What if I won the lottery and could give money to my family?
What if I became a famous writer?
What if I owned a big house where we all could live?
What if I was a healer, a mystic, an enlightened being?
I want to take the limits off of me and God and feel comfortable with just letting my dreams flow and expand.  I can see where I classify small dreams as good, doable, possibly achievable.  I can write for myself.  I can stay happy with just devotion.
I have a belief to dream the big dreams is a bad thing.  As my work lately has been to understand that good and bad don’t exist other than in my beliefs, that everything serves a purpose; it has to be OK to dream big!
Do I believe something will come of dreaming big? Yes.
Will I be able to manifest my dreams? Not sure of that but, I know that something will come of these big thoughts.
Joel spoke on limits this morning.  He told stories from the bible and from his own life of people who chose not to listen to the limiting voices that come from friends, family, and within our heads that we can’t be what God has called us to be.
I know that God has called me.  He has placed desires in my heart that I must follow knowing that to do so brings me joy and that turning away hurts.
Everything is possible.
Joy is my purpose.
I am sleepy.  It’s time to dream big!
”Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

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