Sunday 12-21-14 Co-creation

“Man himself is the tree of desire, and the root of that tree is in his own heart.” ~ Bowl of Saki, December 21, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Happy Sunday!

I want to reflect this morning on understanding how things are created in our lives.  There have been many stories and theories coming to me the last couple of days about how to manifest what we want and the role we have and God has – so how can this all work together?
Can ‘Law or Attraction’ and religious teachings resolve with one another?
I was watching Abraham yesterday so the ideas of Law of Attraction are fresh in my mind.  The rules are that we, as energy, vibrate at different frequencies depending on our thoughts, emotions, and level of development.  We all express the things we desire based on our experiences, teaching us what we do not want.  We can then manifest that which we desire when our frequency matches the level of that thing.
Abraham told the story of Esther having lost a favorite gold pen.  She searched extensively for the pen, all the while thinking of it as the lost pen.  The pen could only remain lost when thought about in that way.  When Esther changed her thoughts to those being that the pen would turn up, that it was not lost, then it did return.
This story says for me that we all desire things that are to better ourselves, make us happy, Love better, but that we have to be willing to change, grow, learn, release to rise up to match that elevated place that we desire.
Joel Osteen conveyed a similar message this morning; he spoke about the need for us to accept the good and bad experiences as they are all part of the journey to what we desire.  His analogy was that the path was a winding stone path where sometimes we get turned backwards; we are to remember that each step is temporary to get to our goal.  Joel spoke of the bible story of Joseph, how he had to experience many bad things to reach his own goal of being a leader – his struggle and then success also aided his tribe of Israel in surviving the famine.  Joel said this was all part of God’s plan; that everything we experience is part of God’s plan.
So how does that reconcile with our being co-creators of our lives?
I think this is because we have a team working with us.  Our dearly departed, guides, soul group, higher self – whatever that Source energy is that supports us (I’m going to call this Source now). We launch that desire of what we want based on our experience of what we don’t want.  But, we may not be ready to receive what we desire.
Our Source has the broader perspective of what we need to learn to be ready to receive our desired thing.  We will be sent experiences to work through to grow.  We still have free will to choose to not learn and grow.  We can choose to stay stuck by just focusing on what appears to be troubles around us or release to the greater knowledge coming from within us.
I have a new image in my mind of how we all connect to and are part of God.  I think of the images of the manifested Universe with masses of matter grouped together and then tendrils reaching out from the center.  These computer generated images of the Universe look very much like brain cells with their long tendrils that reach out to connect to other cells.  I think of Source energy like that.  I am part of a tendril of God, that tendril is made up of all the souls that are aiding me in my experience.
What am I? I am just a bit of matter that has manifested at the end of the tendril by all the creative efforts of my tendril group.
Ah-ha! This is so much like leaves on a tree!
Does the branch not nourish the leaves? The branch knows much of the life of the whole tree where the leaves only know what they experience for a season. The leaves’ experiences stay with the branch and the branches’ experiences stay with the trunk. When a new season of leaves bloom they benefit from the strength of the branch, its knowledge from seasons of past experiences.
Our human culture teaches us to ignore the branch of our Source.  Even religion separates us from God.  We are the small leaf hanging out on our own in space with the great tree out there somewhere.  We are not taught of the branches and stems that are there with us as our support and connection to the whole of All That Is.
So how does this related back to energy vibrations and Law of Attraction?
We are just stupid leaves that think we are out on our own with no connection.  We just have to open up our vessels to allow our Source to flow the nourishment into us.  The tree knows the leaves are there, the leaves need to know the tree is always present.
Last night I saw Jim Carey on the Graham Norton show from England.  I had seen Jim on Oprah before where he told that when he was a homeless nobody he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars with a date on it – he made his first $10 million 6 months before that date.  What he added to this story on Graham last night was that he learned this from a nun speaking about prayer. She told him that God brought her everything she prayed for.  He, as a child decided he wanted a new bike.  He said his prayer and then expected it.  The bike came two weeks later from winning a lottery that he hadn’t entered; a friend had done it for him.  This tells me that there are just people out there who know to have their vessels open to Source (high frequency beings are among us).
We all need to know this!
You are supported.
You are nourished.
You are connected.
You are Loved.
And not just by any old branch of tree cells but by all the souls you know and have known in this life and other lives:  by angels who guide our actions and protect us, by masters who whisper in our ears the wise answer to the questions, by all our beloved ones who support us with unconditional Love no matter how we behave.
I send a big thank you to my Source this morning for being there to answer my questions and to help me in understanding.
Hazrat Khan also spoke with analogy of the tree this morning.  Abraham always says we are the leading edge.  I am thinking that as we are the leaves at the tips of the branches we bring desire for growth to the whole, leaves experiencing the light and dark of creation.  And, our roots are well supported in the Love of All That Is, God, which we are joined to through our hearts.
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ~ John Muir

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