Sunday 11-23-14 Knowledge of wisdom

“Reason is learned from the ever changing world, but true knowledge comes from the essence of life.” ~   Bowl of Saki, November 23, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Happy Sunday!

Ian came up to me the other evening to show me a fortune he got out of a fortune cookie.  “I finally got it – he one that says ‘knowledge is power!'” He said.  I asked him what he meant so he explained that he had been specifically waiting a while to get that message out of a cookie.
Strangely the meaning of the message didn’t sit well with me.  Perhaps most Moms’ would feel glad that their son was showing an interest in gaining knowledge thereby pointing toward interest in education.  From my own journey I know the downside of putting too much importance on knowledge of the physical world that I will refer to as intellect.  I strived for many years to present myself as knowledgeable (an intellectual) so that I could feel worthy to be with those I thought were intellectual.  It’s funny looking back now to recognize how much effort I put into pretending to know things to impress others and feel good about myself.  Now that I no longer seek to impress I read and research, gaining knowledge, just for the enjoyment of it.
I know today what I didn’t know as a younger person – that there are different types of knowledge.
There is the intellectual knowledge that I just spoke of.  Years of study about a subject of this physical world can make you an expert in that field.
There is knowledge of life just from getting older and experiencing events.  I have worked in my career of civil engineering for 30 years now. In my office I am an expert because of the intellectual knowledge I have but I am also a mentor and guide as I have experienced so much and can offer advice in decision making.  Some may call this wisdom but I think wisdom is more.
And then there is knowledge that comes from the essence of life as Hazrat Khan offers in the opening quote – this is wisdom.
At my job I may come off as wise about road engineering.  Someone may ask me for advice when they have a problem with a project, my experience allows me to view a bigger picture that is drawn from all my past issues and outcomes to give advice weighing various outcomes.  My experienced have given me a broader view of possible outcomes.
Knowledge of the essence of life is like this broader view.  The knowledge that comes from the opening of the heart is broad, limitless.  My heart knowledge tells me that everything is connected; we are all the same at the basic level, in our essence.
I am a drop in the ocean that is God.
And, ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ states this connection and brings to my awareness that all is sacred.  True wisdom keeps these thoughts in present awareness as the mind takes on its daily efforts.
These are Hazrat Khan’s words on wisdom:
“Wisdom is that which is learned from within, and intellect is that which is acquired from without. The source of wisdom is above, the source of intellect is below. And therefore it is not the same method, it is not the same process one adopts in order to attain wisdom as that which one adopts in order to acquire intellect.”
When I am in alignment I can have a perspective from Source when I see a person struggling.  Their behavior, that when I am low I might find annoying or that I am judgemental about, now brings me understanding and empathy (compassion) as my broader awareness knows they are just struggling within themselves to return to their true selves and Source.
There is sacredness in all – all things and all people.
I have been doing a lot of research on Native American tribal culture this week as I need that information for the next part of my book writing.  With this research I have been re-reading “The Gospel of the Redman” by Ernest Thompson Seton.  Perhaps this research is why wisdom is on my mind.  The book has many quotes from ‘whitemen’ who were some of earliest to make contact with Indians before western culture moved in.  This book if full of testaments of admiration for the wisdom of the Indian society.
I was thinking all week that a natural life living from the land along with tribal community living was the cause of such wisdom.  I am starting to re-consider that thought as my mind is bringing examples of tribes that were not so wise. Something further to reflect on this upcoming week!
This morning Joel brought an additional thought to this reflection on wisdom.  Joel was speaking about “generational blessings”, blessings we get because of the efforts of our parents and grandparents.  As he spoke I kept thinking of the quote I heard Maya Angelou repeat about standing on the shoulders of giants (see quote below).
I thought about my parents and grandparents.  I thought about their lives and how in my mind I try to simplify them into a personality trait, instead Joel had me considering their day to day lives and how each day included prayers and blessings they said for me just as I do for my sons.  I also thought of them still today blessing my life.
I am elevated!
Joel’s message connected with my thoughts today when he mentioned wisdom.  Joel said when you get told you have wisdom beyond your years that is the “wisdom of your fathers”.  I connected this thought to Faith.  Joel is reminding us of all that has come before in preparation for our lives.  We need to step forward in Faith that we are supported.
Perhaps this is the last step of ‘law of attraction’.  We have been given our desires, we express them, we prepare, and then we have to surrender.  The surrendering is the showing of Faith that we know that we are supported.
Our loved ones have prepared the way, we are never alone.  This is where wisdom is.
This afternoon I watched the repeat of ‘Help Desk”, Iyanla Vanzandt was the teacher today.  At the end of the episode she had strangers in the train station stand back to back and lean into each other to off the sense that someone has your back.  After the exercise Iyanla said she did that to help people to recognize that God has your back.
Perhaps wisdom is the power gained from Faith?
(And, perhaps I have just answered my question on the source of wisdom for the Native Americans! : ) )
My blessing I give to you, go forth with Faith. We’ve got your back.
“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” ~ Isaac Newton

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