Sunday 10-26-14 Flow

“Allowing the truth of who you are–your spiritual self–to rule your life means you stop the struggle and learn to move with the flow of your life.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Happy Sunday!

I have heard Oprah speak many times about living in the flow of your life.  From words used in the spiritual culture I know this to mean to live open hearted as your authentic self, allowing and accepting who or what comes to you.
From the many teachings and teachers of my journey I recognize that I have had to learn many different languages (all English) that people use to express their experiences of the Divine and the lessons they now want to pass along.
This morning’s message from Joel reached me in a significant way like it usually does; I took notice of the translating my mind was doing to appreciate the message that was spoken in Joel’s Christian Religious words.
Joel’s message was that praise to God created a raining down of blessings from God.  He spoke of praising God for all we have in life and to continue to have gratitude every day for the things that were already received.  Joel used the analogy of praise being like water vapor that must build to form a cloud; the vapor must keep rising for the cloud to ultimately rain down the water.  He said God’s blessings will flow down if praise and gratitude are continually offered.  What I understood after translating this lesson was the same teaching as Abraham conveys about Law of Attraction and creating what we desire.
Abraham speaks of our need to know our desires and then keep our vibrations elevated so that they match the higher level of those things that we desire.  I see that praising God is a positive act that allows a person to hold onto higher energy and greater connection with God.
In another language, Bashar instructs that the way to create what you want is to follow your highest excitement and then let go of any expectation for the outcome.  Is this not also staying is a positive high energy state?
I’ve been following one of the Oprah-Deepak 21 day meditation challenges each morning; it has just come to my realization that each day’s lesson is building the tools of Law of Attraction.  Oprah described how in the first week the lessons were bringing awareness to passion, intention, and intuition, she then added “knowing how important and powerful it is to surrender to the divine design of the Universe.”
This is a big ‘A-HA!’ for me.  Nature is the example to us of the divine design of the Universe!  Therefore, to evolve we are to learn to return to the natural state to just ‘let go and let God’!
There are many different words, terms, and expressions to convey the same awareness of how to return to our natural state of union with the Divine which brings abundance to our lives.
To be in the flow is to live knowing all is well.
Here are my words of living in the flow:
To accept the desires that arise within you; take action toward your desire with good intention; listen to your intuition with self-assurance that it leads you well; surrender each day peacefully to All That Is with gratitude; live each day in faith knowing that you are Loved and cared for; and you will be.
This process will bring the things you desire.  Some may receive fame or wealth if that serves their greater purpose.  All will receive what we all truly want and that is happiness, peace, and Love because you are using your free will to choose to stay in the positive flow of energy.
You reap what you sow.
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

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