Sunday 9-28-14 Homework for Oprah!

“If you are working on something exciting that you care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision carries you.” ~ Steve Jobs
Happy Sunday!
My mind, body, and spirit had a great time this past Friday and Saturday of attending Oprah’s “Life you want” tour in Newark. It was a wonderful experience of connection with thousands of people in celebration of the opportunity to learn and grow. In the promotions of the tour Oprah said it was something she has wanted to do her whole life so I was curious about this weekend because ‘what hasn’t Oprah done?”
Oprah came to this conference to teach.
On Friday night she spoke for two hours about her own life’s journey and how all the events of her life were threaded together to evolve her to who we see see her as today. She spoke of the whispers that we get from our inner voice (intuition, soul, guides, Universe, Source, God, I don’t specifically recall which term she used) that she paid attention to along her journey.
On Saturday morning as we arrived we were given a booklet that my expectation was that it was a program like you get at many performances but it came with a pen as well. I made a joke out loud that I hope Oprah didn’t expect me to work – she did.
During the day’s agenda there were three sessions with Oprah broken up by breaks and lectures by other spiritual though leaders (who Oprah called her Trailblazers).
I was surprised when during the first morning session with Oprah that she said, “take out your workbooks” and that the back half of the program contained exercises for us to do. As the day progressed, the purpose of the conference became more obvious to me – ‘the life you want’ was about teaching (and empowering) each person there to know that they are co-creators of their own lives. From the stories of all the speakers we were given examples of how inner guidance works and moves us forward through the difficult times towards being who our souls call us to be. In Oprah’s lessons we were asked to become aware of what our soul is wanting for us, to evaluate how we are doing, and to become aware of the resistance our minds may bring forward to block the inner voice of the soul.
Oprah’s lessons were building blocks for the homework assignment she gave for us to complete when we were home this Sunday – the assignment is to write up a vision for our lives.
I believe I have written previously about not being that interested in doing vision boards and such. My thoughts are that living in the present moment doesn’t require planning for the future. That Faith, Trust, and acceptance are enough to live comfortable now knowing “all will be well”. But, Abraham says ‘law of attraction’ is about creating a vision for the future and, now Oprah is teaching the same ideas!
I began to consider the possibility of my doing the visioning when Oprah said that she also did not see the need for it years ago but now she is teaching it.
So this is my assignment today. I began the first part of this blog this morning telling about the Oprah conference and then went off to Sunday lunch with the family. Of course the conversation came to this subject of visioning. George expressed exactly how I have felt for a long time, that of not seeing the need to plan or set desires for your life. As we spoke I received one of those downloads from above – a big A-HA.
Visioning is an intentional positive act in your life. Yes we can live without planning or desire but that is not really co-creating your life. It can be peaceful and Holy to live in full acceptance of what may come. I am sensing that this may even lean to the side of negativity in that you expect that there will bad times, you’re acknowledging that it is acceptable. Visioning is the active role of intentionally sending positive vibration into your energy field so that you will reap the good that you sow. Abraham calls this ‘launching rockets of desire’ – now I understand!
I just took a few minutes to write down in my lesson book my vision. Here they are:

  • I will have a spiritual relationship with my spouse.
  • I will write to express my understanding and my writing will be meaningful to some people.
  • I will live in the state of well-being in my mind, body, and spirit.
  • I will continue to learn and grow in my spiritual development.
  • I will have recognized my contribution and find joy in the services I give to others.

I am launching my rockets. Yes Lord, these are my hearts desires coming to you. Let’s get to work co-creating!
“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

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  1. It sounds like it was quite the weekend of self discovery. When I was in High School we were exposed to the “Search for Christian Maturity” and your write up sounds ver similar. I’m not in the same place as you either physically or spiritually but I do understand a need to look internally first before sending out the energy into the universe. I may have written this before in that God (the Spirit) gives you what you ask for, not necessarily what you need or want so I’ve learned to be careful and really think before launching the “rockets.”

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