Sunday 8-17-14 Hope lights my path

“Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the promise.” ~ Joel Osteen
Happy Sunday!
I am not feeling well this Sunday so the Universe has been sending me messages of support.
I am doing the current Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation; this morning Deepak brought to me the message that “hope lights my path”.  This just resonated with me as I could visualize the light streaming from all my hopes to lead me along the path of this journey I am on.
Joel’s message this morning of not focusing on the problem but on the promise of God is also intended to keep me from being brought down by the current poor health of my gut.
During his sermon Joel was able to quote many bible scriptures of God’s promises to us that all will be well.  As I am not able to quote biblical promises from God I asked what are the promises made to me.  I thought of the lessons of Abraham-Hicks.
Abraham describes that we create our lives through the process of comparing what we want from what we don’t want in life.  He says that the Universe creates for us those things that we say we want and stores them for us until our frequency is in alignment with them.  This is the promise.  I can have those things I want if I keep myself in alignment with my intension and keep my frequency high.
It is very easy to drop down into sorrow and suffering due to illness.  My mind can easily fall into a long internal rant complaining about my suffering and all that I am missing due to this illness at this time.  My awareness is focused on keeping the complaints to a minimum.
Another thing I am work hard to avoid is using words that associate the poor health with my self.  I used to say ‘my colitis’ or ‘I am sick’, I don’t want to speak that way anymore as this situation is not me.  This is an experience that I am having.
I was watching an older episode of Super Soul Sunday today with Oprah and Deepak.  He was telling about his month long experience as a Buddhist monk.  He said he expressed to his teacher that his feet hurt from walking bare foot.  His teacher said that instead of focussing on the foot that is on the ground to focus on the one that is up in the air and feels really good.
Every moment of every day is a choice of how to interact with this world.  Many teachers come to me this day and the message is all the same, “Tricia, choose the life you want.”
I want health.
I want well being.
I want peace in my mind, body, and soul.

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