Sunday 7-27-14 What you resist

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” ~ Psalm 23:4

Happy Sunday!

On Wednesday evening, as I was lying in my bed getting ready to fall asleep I was thinking through the list of big Truths that I know contemplating to write the list down.
There was “what is one is in the whole” – I get that from Caroline Myss who like to emphasize it in her lectures.
There was “you reap what you sow” – I know that one from many lessons I have had to learn and accept about myself.
Then I got to “what you resist, persists.”  Hmm, I realized I didn’t really understand this one.  “What is that about”, I asked.  The answers started coming in the next evening.
On Thursday evening I watched a current video upload of Lilou Mace who I follow on Youtube.  (She has been interviewing the most interesting spiritual teachers as well as scientists who have realized the spiritual connection!)  This interview was with Darryl Anka about his channelling of the entity Bashar.  I really appreciated the messages that Darryl was speaking of that he had learned through his connection to Bashar. Once the Lilou interview was completed, I decided to watch a clip of Bashar being channelled.
This was a big step for me I should interject here, although I have come to acceptance of channelling as being real and have read channelled books like ACIM and Neale Donald Walshe, I held this fear about actually watching a channeller.
I found a video on Youtube of Bashar being interviewed.  I saw a different personality come through Darryl, this person was wise, charismatic, confident, and loving, like the most wise and loving of humans I’ve seen such as the Dalai Lama or Nelson Mandela.  Odder to me then the channelling was that the video had to be 20 years old so the clothing and the message seemed out of date. I wanted to find something more recent but could not, I then remembered another channeller, Ester Hicks who channels a group entity called Abraham.  I was curious to see what it would be like for a woman to channel a male entity (a stupid thought as I think back now but it got me where I needed to go).
I found a video on the Abraham-Hicks webpage that was a compilation of question and answers from people to Abraham.  One young man asked about his relationship, he felt it was great and this was the right woman but he expressed problems with it.  Abraham made the point of “what you resist, persists” in his being concerned about the relationship due to the negatives when he had stated that it was the right one for him.  He/she made the statement “you’re looking to obliterate the problems”; the young man responded “it’s what I do, I am in the military”.
I finally understood what is meant by resistance by relating to my own want to ‘obliterate problems’. Abraham was saying that what I resist, persists because where I am putting my focus and attention is where my creative energies flow so if I am focused on problems, this is what I will manifest in my life.  As I know everything is good now and always, instead of problem solving I need acceptance of a situation and to have Faith that the solution will come.
This morning I “Googled” this Truth I am now learning about and found that Carl Jung was the one first quoted as saying “what you resist, persists.”
I also found a blog by Mike Robbins, an author, in which he was writing on this subject of resistance and acceptance.  The following excerpt of what he wrote resonated with me:
“Acceptance is not resignation, failure, or agreement; it’s simply telling the truth and allowing things to be as they are.  When we accept ourselves, others, and life – we can create a real sense of peace and let go of much of our suffering.  And, from this place of peace and truth, we’re more able to not only appreciate life, but also to manifest the kind of circumstances, relationships, and outcomes we truly want.”
I liked this thought as it supports living authentically, to just see things as they are and then release the concern for them.
This I am coming to realize this is the “Law of Attraction” that has been flowing in and out of my awareness.  I have been resisting this because those who speak of it seem to give examples like it is some magic for getting material things to manifest in your life.  Abraham instead is saying that energy is vibrations that are attracted to the same vibrations so intentionally keeping your vibrations high can only bring high energy solutions back to you.
As this day has progressed I have been aware of many things that I resist, things of this world that I find upsetting or disturbing that I usually focus energy on.  I even feel a little bolder in allowing myself to view those disturbing things that I hide from  If I get good at this practice of non-resistance I may find ways to be aware, accept, and let my energy join to supporting the Universal good. These ideas were supported when I watched Super Soul Sunday with Jack Kornfield.  When Jack spoke on many of the non-resistance practices of Buddhism I saw this same Truth at work in compassion and loving interactions with others.
I find it ironic to think that I have resisted the viewing of channellers due to a fear of it being too ‘woo-woo’.  Once I became ready to accept this wonderful gift of the Universe, that all information is available for the asking, I realize that all I was fearful of was another means of receiving wonderful wisdom.
My opening quote this morning was Psalm 23:4 because Joel Osteen used it to start his sermon this morning and I felt it resonated with what I was thinking about today.  Not to resist the troubles that may come because there will be a way out of the trouble.  Joel spoke on holding onto Faith that God has promised the way through.  This says the same thing as the ‘law of attraction’ – to focus on keeping our energy high to manifest the good instead of the trouble.
“Make the best of where you are and do your best to line up your Energy from where you are, because any bit of struggle or any bit of regret only holds your cork under the water and doesn’t allow you to connect with the Energy that would allow anything to improve.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

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