Sunday 7-13-14 The Seeker

“Every soul has a definite task, and the fulfillment of each individual purpose can alone lead man aright; illumination comes to him through the medium of his own talent.” ~  Bowl of Saki, July 7, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Happy Sunday!

As I thought yesterday and early this morning about what I wanted to reflect on for today’s blog nothing came to mind.  Life is good and I haven’t had anything troubling me that I couldn’t recognize as just disturbing my ego.
I watched Joel this morning hoping for some inspiration; he was speaking about having faith that the rain will come when living through a time of drought.  When there are those things that we want, to have faith, to speak faith, to act in faith, and that God will provide those things that he has put in your heart.
Many of the books I have read in this last year have spoken about the power of intention, intention as a field of energy, or a primal function of the Universe; very big ideas to consider.  Many teachers say that to understand this you can create what you want.  I haven’t gone very deep in considering these ideas because I can’t past the basics of “what do I want?”
There are many things I want for others: I want happiness and growth for my loved ones, I want happiness, growth, and prosperity for my sons, I want all of humanity to evolve into the loving peaceful beings I know we are on the inside.  But what I want for Tricia I am not sure of.
I am going to take that statement back because as I am considering what to write I realize that there are levels of wanting just like there are levels of awareness.  I have wants at a basic everyday level such as I want my car to run and look cute, I want someone to help me clean my house, or I want to go out to lunch.  Then there seems to be the level of bigger society wants such as wealth, good marriage, or successful career.  This seems to be the level that many teachers speak about using faith, prayer, or intention to get what you want. I am happy with what I have and also, I know that God will give or take what is necessary for my growth.
Why does God intervene on this level? Because there is the next level of want, this higher level holds the desires the heart is truly seeking.
My inspiration came this morning from recalling my “Bowl of Saki” email from last Monday.  The last paragraph said the following:
“Everything a person does, spiritual or material, is only a stepping-stone for him to arrive at the inner purpose … When the desire to live brings one in touch with one’s real life, a life which is not subject to death, then the purpose of that desire is accomplished. When one has been able to perceive fully the knowledge of one’s own being, in which is to be found divine knowledge and the mystery of the whole manifestation, then the purpose of knowledge is attained. When one is able to get in touch with the Almighty Power, then the desire for power is achieved. When one has been able to find one’s happiness in one’s own heart, independent of all things outside, the purpose of the desire for happiness is fulfilled; when one is able to rise above all conditions and influences which disturb the peace of the soul and has found one’s peace in the midst of the crowd and away from the world, in him the desire for peace is satisfied. … It is in the fulfillment of these five desires that one purpose is accomplished, the purpose for which every soul was born on earth.” ~ Bowl of Saki, July 7, by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Herein lie the desires of my soul, five of them Hazrat Khan names for me:

  • The desire for life eternal
  • The desire to know who I am
  • The desire for power or greatness
  • The desire for happiness
  • The desire for peace

Hazrat Khan is saying that these wants that have been put into my heart and soul are there for a purpose.  They are what makes me a seeker!
As human beings we forget all that we are and the true nature of the Universe.  We are meant to learn and grow but how could we do so without the desire to move forward?
Life is like a scavenger hunt.  We are given desires as clues that we need to seek out to find ourselves.
We desire to overcome death, to be eternal, this desire leads us to recognize our inner beingness that is eternal.  We struggle for eons perhaps until we finally wake up to wonder who is it that is inside narrating this life, putting thoughts in my head, guiding me from trouble?
Once we recognize that there is an inner being that is separate from this material world, who is the observer, we desire to understand ourselves in this new world outside of form.  We seek to understand the un-manifested realm of energy, spirit, and God.  We come to recognize our place in the Oneness, I like to say a cell in the body that is God.
As humans we live our lives with desires like a need for recognition, power, or greatness.  As an aware human I would blame my human ego for this desire that I felt was wrong as history has shown me many humans who have allowed the need for power to conceal their ability to love and have compassion for others.  Deep down in our consciousness we know we are powerful children of God so our desire moves us to seek out the knowing of that again; we get into trouble when we seek it in the physical world.
We desire happiness.  As human’s we learn from society to seek happiness in material things as that is what sustains the society.  We suffer through most of life seeking the things of this world to fill that hole in our hearts that desires happiness.  When we finally recognize that material things of this world can never fill the hole we carry we turn inward to find the happiness we have been seeking and are finally fulfilled.  I am happy as I know I am whole, I am as God made me to be.
Our desire for peace is filled by our journey of seeking out these other four desires. When we re-connect to the Love of Source and the happiness of knowing ourselves again we find peace.
I can see that desire for any of these five wants can lead us on the path of enlightenment.
So this Sunday I am saying that God has planted the seeds within us to all be Seekers.  I do have wants and desires I am happy to say. My Creator placed them within me and sent me out to a foreign place that I would become immersed in but, he did not leave me out here on my own without help or clues to find my way back to myself, my home, and my Source.
(This is exactly the hero’s Journey that Joseph Campbell described in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”!)
Truth!  We all have always known it and yet we each must learn it in our own way in our own time.
Remember.  Have Faith because it is already yours.
“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”
“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” ~ Joseph Campbell 

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